Friday, October 06, 2017

The Outraged Granny Part 2

See Part 1 here

I was having a bad day anyway. Driving, too much on the go: the apartment, moving, no sale on the house, a sense of poverty, thinking this effin' new car, even on a lease was a poor decision even 3 months ago when life appeared financially rosier.

"And the tires," she added next,"They're in bad shape."

"Yes, I know, an extra 3 months on the lease would have such an effect."

"We have to charge you for those too."

"This is outrageous, I can't see how you can get away with these ripoffs."

I lost it, dear reader. So much so that she ran off to negotiate a "discount" for the tires on a used car. Built into the new lease.

At that point, the sales guy came over and said,

"Wait till you see your new car!"
Did you ever feel you're part of a movie and you're the only one without a script?

You know the feeling then.

To be continued....................


  1. This the comment I posted at blogger snowbrush on July 2016. and snowbrush’s response.
    I bought a 2012 XD in 2015. The car mats were in the trunk When test driving, the salesman said to keep the mats clean. We found the mats were not there after brought the car home. The authentic mats cost ~ $200, the cheap ones don't fit.

    That’s a hoot. I would have trashed that dealer all over the Internet just as I did one of the dealers we talked to recently. Dealers do read these comments, and even if nothing good comes of making them, knowing that I might have hurt their business a little makes me feel better about things. I’m so sorry you had this happen. That dealer wasn’t dishonest, he was tackily dishonest to keep the mats in the trunk so he could save a very small amount of money again and again. I don’t know how people like that live with themselves because what pride in his work can a person feel when he behaves like that.

    1. I didn’t trash the dealership.
      I did go back to the dealership and threaten them. The dealership is close to my home however. They gave me $100 after a lot of my effort wasting both their time and mine.

  2. so sorry - trying to figure out what to do
    sell and downscale, move
    do not know if I can handle with health issues
    wonderful children - I wonder - none near to help

  3. Sure sorry you’re subjected to this with all that’s going on in your life. Hope somehow you get some satisfaction ultimately. Disgusting the practices in which some people will engage as being morally and ethically acceptable — just business so okay.

  4. You get'em!
    I hate it, too, when people try to take advantage of me.

  5. Con artists...I hope you get some satisfaction...


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