Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Outraged Granny Part 5

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On Monday morning, as I expected, no call came through from DB (the lease manager), so I left a message on PE's (the sales guy) line to call me with a report on the new vehicle. No call return.

I went to my clinic which is 75K in the opposite direction from St.John's in Placentia.

At 1.45pm I receive a call from DB asking me if I was on my way in to see him.

"Pardon?" I say, "You were supposed to call me at 11, now it's nearly 2 and I'm way out in Placentia."

"Oh," he laughs, "I thought I called you I must have called someone else. You need to make it in before 9 tonight,"

"I won't drive 200k in the dark for one, and two, you still haven't told me if my new car is ready."

"Well yeah, it is, but you need to make it in here today."

"Absolutely no way, I just told you why. Tomorrow?"

He agreed very reluctantly, deep sighs of exasperation. I guess he missed his sales target for September.

On Tuesday, I signed the final papers in DB's office. Yeah, I could have abandoned the whole shemozzle, told them where to stick their dealership their horrible staff and their car and their horrendous treatment of me, it truly crossed my mind that this was elder abuse. But I am an elder and a battle now would exhaust me utterly and damage my health further and leave me car-less in the city with a move planned for a week away.

But he wasn't quite finished in his incompetence and his running around of the old lady. He asked me for a cancelled cheque.

"What?" I was staggered at (a) they have all my banking info on file, and (b) he'd never mentioned this before.

"Oh," he laughs, "I forgot to tell you? You'll have to drive to your bank and get an authorisation form from them then and bring it back here".

I am speechless. I go outside to where PE has brought the new car around and the old car has been once again inspected for further pin pricks. I note to myself how very little work or concern PE has shown through all this trauma.

He has to use the key to open the doors.

"What happened to keyless entry?" I ask, "I've had keyless entry for over 10 years at least, now I have to stagger towards my car with shopping and a cane no less and drop them on the ground to open my car?"

He doesn't answer me.

I drive to the bank and get the papers DB needs and drive back and put them on his desk. He makes nice talk now that his commission is safe.

I'm very frosty. Toyota Head Office needs to know about this. Aren't us elders the bulging demographic of new car buying?

Also I'm very upset about the keyless thing.

I had specifically asked him for the same bells and whistles that my old car had.

But worse is to come.

The following day is warm. I have an allergy to heat. I can't think straight in heat.

I go to flip on the air-conditioning and there is none. None. It was an over the edge moment, I burst into tears.

I've dealt with Toyota for 30 years.

This has to be the worst experience I've ever had in any car dealership. Ever.

I feel ripped off, unheard, cheated, dismissed and abused.

And yes, Toyota are hearing about it.


  1. A pretty crappy experience. In my experience car dealers are always up to some trick or other to maximise their profits and bonuses. You have to watch them like a hawk. I'd read before that if you're leasing they can sting you for things like minor damage, end-of-lease fees and all sorts. And don't get me started on vacation car hire....

  2. Can you consult an attorney or legal aid about this and have them write a letter to Toyota? That might garner a result. Hugs...

  3. Never owned a Toyota. I've always heard how great they are. Twenty years ago, when looking for a small wagon, I went to the local Toyota dealer and asked about wagons. I was quickly dismissed with, "we've got one out there, the price is on it, and there is no negotiating." I left. Bought a Saturn wagon.

  4. this is horrible, so sorry for you, you needed someone to be with you through all of this. but then I would have had no one.
    please take care of yourself..

  5. This is appalling treatment! I sure hope the head office of Toyota makes things right for you.


  6. This is just unbelievably poor customer service. I am so very sorry. And if that guy had laughed at me after all this, I would've read him the riot act and gotten to his manager on duty, pronto. You poor thing!

  7. How can one buy a new car in 2017 and it does not come with airconditioning as standard? That would be my first question to Toyota. :/

    The second question would be, when can I return this car and undo this deal? Because how they treated you was not ok at all. :(

  8. I second Snoskred. My soon to be ex (thank the gods) works for a car company. These deals can be undone, with the proper steps (people assume they cannot but they can, especially in cases like this). I realize, however, it is easy to say but this would involve more trips, more aggravation. Start by just phoning people and tracking down the proper contacts, telling them the issue. Good luck!

  9. Please do keep us posted on what happens when you communicate with Toyota. We can take this up on facebook, twitter and other social media and let a lot of people know about Toyota dealership' callous handling of a customer. You can expect Toyota to respond quickly and favourably.

  10. You were surely treated poorly. Hope your letter to Toyota results in some satisfactory response.

  11. Yes, be sure to let them know there's lots of people out here champing at the bit to spill the beans on Facebook, Twitter, if there's no satisfactory conclusion for you - and quickly!

  12. Are there no other cars? No other dealers? Surely, you were treated quite badly!

    My last two cars have been purchased from the same woman in a dealership. She knows all of her vehicles, works hard for the buyer, and is so trustworthy that I bought the second of those two cars over the phone (well...I guess it wasn't legal until I signed the paper; but, we both knew the deal was made.) I even sent our daughter to the sales woman, after the woman had moved to a different brand/dealer, knowing that Daughter would have a good experience (she's 58 years old but had never purchased a car from a dealer.)

    Fortunately for you, you don't have to cringe at the thought of doing it all over again when your new car wears out - if you've judged your situation correctly. Good luck!
    Cop Car

  13. There's also "Go Public" at CBC. They do stories about individuals who have been ripped off or treated like crap by companies or shysters. Complaining on a local level is often useless because it doesn't go anywhere. But a large company like Toyota doesn't want bad press on a national level. Boy, one of their dealers ripping off an "elderly", disabled woman, not only providing terrible service, but foisting off a car on her that did not include important features she ordered, and (presumably) paid for. I'd look at that contract *very* carefully.

  14. Before buying a car in the U.S. we make sure what was verbally agreed upon is in writing before signing on the dotted line...doesn't sound like something an intelligent (accountant type) Irish woman would do, so what's up with that?? Strange that I think, hmmm :\

  15. Hellfire, WWW - that was terrible customer "service". That guy, and probably his colleagues, need to be sent on some basic training sessions - in humanity!

    Please go to town on Toyota using every available avenue, once you've recovered from the frustrations of these experiences.

    I've never liked the idea of owning either a Japanese or a German branded vehicle and never have (hangover from WW2 childhood memories I guess). I'll be happy to read, later, of your being able to give Toyota the sturdy tongue lashing they, as a company, so richly deserve for lack of oversight of their customer service personnel.

  16. and here I was - thinking my next car might be a Toyota - I feel a big rethink coming on ..... πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸ½

  17. This is terrible! The guy is a sadist and wants you to suffer.

  18. Hope you have gotten things straightened out, if even a bit. And that your big move is under way!

  19. I also hope things are getting straightened out. Thinking of you and sending best wishes for your move.


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