Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Outraged Granny

I'm growing into a rather nasty old person. Seriously. I react viciously to the dismissals of younger others. Particularly when it comes to business dealings of any kind.

Is there an inbuilt contempt for us elders?

I was treated (IMO) quite shabbily by a car dealership. One I had always respected in the past. I'd ordered a new car, it might be my last, not being melodramatic here, just realistic. There was a 3 month back order on it. I'd almost forgotten about it when they called me a week ago to tell me it was in. I dutifully shuffled my schedule around and tootled in. I live 100km from the dealership.

They inspect my now lease-expired car for damages. And find pin prick sized dots on the paintwork. 6 of them. Parking lot issues. The car is 15,000 km under lease max of 106,000 - I had to have a 3 month extension because of the backorder. They assessed me $1,000 for the 6 pin pricks.

First enragement.

To be continued.......

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  1. they are being pinpricks themselves, Big ones!

  2. I bought (probably my last)new car 2 years ago at age 80 :)

  3. That sounds ridiculous! I hope you can get some justice.

  4. That's really taking advantage of an older person.......
    Maggie x

  5. Not that it's much of a consolation, WWW, but I don't think "age" comes into it when taking a customer to the cleaners. They will try it on - even if you are as young as my son when he hired a car a couple of years ago. Main thing is to keep your cool, nod, smile and disarm them by employing that most lethal weapon to demolish the inane: Namely, charm. Closely followed by calmly drilling holes into their airbag of reasoning. Remember: Keep smiling. Which, admittedly, takes some patience. Trust me, I have seen grown men confused enough to offer a rebate I never asked for.


  6. Await further information before finally commenting.

  7. Are you on twitter? If so, post to twitter about the car dealership. Name names. It works wonders.

    1. Brilliant idea, will do so when my series is finished.



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