Friday, May 13, 2011

Ask Me, I'm Irish

Q. Did Blogger do a belly flop over the last few days?
A. Yes, it did.
Q. What did you do about it?
A. Checked other blogs on Blogger Flop and confirmed, yes, I wasn't the only one marooned out in the ether without a paddle or a post or...
Q. Excuse me, you digress.
A. Sorry, I'm Irish. We're tremendously excellent at monologues.
Q. Did you lose posts?
A. Yes, I did, but they're now back up again I see, along with the esteemed comments from my loyal readers.
Q. Are you keeping your blog on Blogger Flop?
A. Well for now, yes. They were awfully honest about where they were at with their crash and what they were doing to fix it and on promising to retrieve the missing last posts (as in Reveille, get it?)
Q. Oh you do bloody go on.
A. I know. That's why I have a blog.


  1. Wordpress is so much better than Blogger. I changed over back in 2006 after Blogger had let me down one time too many. In those days Wordpress was a bit intimidating, but I believe it's much more 'user-friendly' now.

  2. Looks like I missed a few things whilst away. Glad to hear all was recovered. I would hate to think my mots d'or in your comment section might have been etherized. Sounds like you enjoyed your trip to the old sod. A very belated welcome back!

  3. My post for 12th may has still not been restored, WWW. I've just posted a grump on Blogger Help Forum. Husband's blog, like yours has been restored to its former state - maybe they just don't like astrology.


  4. I'm just glad we're back on the air. What a hassle! I have monologues with myself too, but I'm Dutch. Do you think I may have some Celtic blood?

  5. I heard about this. What a mess! I'm glad they were straightfoward about what was going on, and that nothing was permanently lost (except perhaps a little faith here and there).

  6. I once was a Blogger blogger, but switched to Wordpress and never regretted the move.

  7. I am blissfully unaware of all this. My daughter (the one in England who lives on a boat) takes care of anything complex (or simple) about my blog or other internet issues. But I am glad you are still here and going strong.

  8. Blogger was a very naughty boy for a day and refused to do anything he was told. I've punished him severely and you can rest assured he'll now be as good as gold.

  9. I was so sad and lonely during Bloggergeddon. I did wonder if the end had come.

  10. I must have missed something while my head was off and the rest of me was running amok. Your conversation and Marci's bloggergeddon made me chuckle.

  11. This is great LOL. All the posts (mine included) about the blogger crash, and this one is the best :)


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