Saturday, May 28, 2011

A real thing in a real world department

For those of you who think women have come a long, long way: think again.

This fridge magnet is being offered for sale. And sales are excellent.

I will not link to the store.

Gee whiz, I never knew all the females in my family were so ugly. And went on to breed other uglies (a couple of math professors, bankers, accountants, et al).

Stop all that math, girls! We might get pretty!!!!!!


  1. Ah, but it's "ironic". Ironic as in, "We really value our female members of staff".

  2. You found MY fridge magnet!!!! So glad. I was starting to have to explain to people why I don't do math. LOL

  3. Doesn't that just make you want to vomit?

  4. That's a stoooopid fridge magnet, but I think it has little to do with how far women have come in their struggle for equality, WWW.

    There'll always be some knuckle-draggers around, out to make a fast buck or two from other knuckle-draggers. It doesn't mean much in the great scheme of things.
    Knuckle-draggers will be with us always, like death and rent day.

  5. I would say: only in the English language you would find something as dumb as that.

  6. ugh. i hate this. my beautiful strong intelligent resourceful golden-haired sister-in-law is a CPA. she is all of those things; none negates any of the others.

  7. Coincidence: the wife got me that one after I screwed up the grandson's homework

  8. Well mankind, ahem, humankind, is reverting back to knuckle-dragging apes generally in my opinion, so reverting back to pre-feminist times is just a symptom of that process.

    Doubtless the makers of the fridge magnet will claim it's meant 'ironically'.

  9. Wow. So much progress, so little progress. I bet they'd be interested in this at the Sociological Images blog.


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