Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There I was, literally hamstrung by wires, around my stomach, across my chest, around my upper arms, not to the point of pain, but to a strong restriction in movement.

I was too embarrassed to ask anyone to get a pincers and to lift my shirt and release me from them. I knew I had to do it myself without any tools.

Meanwhile, I participated in life as best I could. I had a big blue handbag and inside the bag was my wallet and my change purse and they rattled around loosely in the bag which could have held a lot more stuff.

I found another handbag in a washroom that was crammed with all kinds of things: colourful scarves, jewellery, bling, money, camera, books, netbook, writing pads, colourful pencils and pens so I took it and hoped to find the owner but I was baffled as to where I would put up a notice and what information I would release. Red handbag found? There was no I.D. Anywhere on it. Anyone could claim it.

I went off to a family dinner in a very loud restaurant where everyone had shown up, from the tiniest baby to my old uncle of 95 (who died last week). The noise was deafening. I tried to find the owner of the red bag until someone said to me I was being foolish, the red bag had always been mine but I had misplaced it and then bought the blue one to replace it but was never happy with it. I sat in a big comfy chair and started working away (quite discreetly) on my wires which were intertwined but quite loose once the first one was untangled. I knew the one that was tied at my back would be a hard one to release but I rubbed up against the back of the armchair and worked away at loosening it.

It finally released and I slowly was able to unpeel all the wires from my body. I twisted them into a huge ball and held them out.

“Look,” I said, “I've finally managed it. And all by myself!”

And then I woke up.

I have learned more about myself and my current blahs from last night's dream than any therapy or textbook could possibly teach me.


  1. That's a very revealing dream about you, WWW and I enjoyed reading about it. Isn't it amazing what we can learn from our subconscious? I'm glad you untangled the strings that bound you and that the handbag was yours. That was very important. In it lay your identity.

  2. Wire balls, mystery handbags and huge families. Very interesting. What exactly has been wrapped around you so tightly, impeding your activities, I wonder?

  3. what an interesting dream and you are right, very revealing

  4. And we spend fortunes on shrinks when we can improve our ability to recollect and analyse our dreams. I find Vipassana meditation useful for the same purpose.

  5. What a gift a dream like that is!

  6. @Nora:
    and your one the other day was equally revealing!
    To reveal that would be to tell too much!
    I am rarely that good at analyzing my own, but this time it was clear as a bell!
    I must find out more about Vipassana!
    And they are as rare as hen's teeth!


  7. I had a comment at my fingertips the other day but alas blogger had other ideas. Maybe it was not that good afterall! :(


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