Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Icebergs and Me.

Iceberg Alert from Today: click to enbiggen

May, June and sometimes July I get a daily report on the iceberg action in my area.

Gawd, I love what satellites can do for us, don't you?

I have been known to jump in the car and give chase.

And then stand on the shore and gawp, slackjawed, at their majesty.

To the shock of locals who take such sightings in their stride.

I'm a poor little CFA* who knows no better, you see.

*Come From Away.


  1. A pity they didn't have such precise data when the Titanic was en route for New York. Three thousand people might have survived.

  2. Being interested in our world is what keeps us going - in spite of the bad shape it's in.

  3. i would be slackjawed right along with you...i hope that the icebergs don't disappear

  4. You could do worse..... like chasing tornadoes.

  5. Sounds wonderful - such adventure and photo opportunity.

  6. I really want to see an iceberg.

  7. Could ya lassoo one and hold it till me and my missus get out to the Rock.

  8. That's very cool. Ice berg spotting. I like it.

  9. Nice blog you got here. Think I'll come around from time to time.

  10. Ain't technology marvellous?! An iceberg on the loose must be a wonderful sight!

    We get to see storms and tornadoes heading our way on radar, "Skywarn" etc.
    We haven't yet felt the urge to jump in the car and follow one - jaws might not the only thing to slacken if the tornado decided to change course - as they are wont do do at times. ;-)


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