Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dim Bulbs


That's my daughter's word for a few of my clients.

As in clueless.

Well-intentioned but in an oblivious fog of never, ever connecting the essential dots of life.

As in what kind of eejit sends their accountant a box full of papers covered in small coloured stars that immediately cloud the floor, the desk, the computer, the table, in a shimmering sticky rainfall?

Years from now we will be finding these tiny bits of tinfoil.

And oh yeah, an envelope inside with a card extolling my virtues along with a retainer.

And um, yeah,right, the envelope held another avalanche of confetti.

*Head* *Desk* *Sob*


  1. OMG LOL...put a cushion on the desk

  2. I guess she thought that was really cute.She must be under the impression that she made your day. In a not so subtle way you ought to let her know that she didn't. Is there a way to do this without losing her as a customer? Or do you mind?

  3. Can you send the colour snowflakes back with a receipt? Naturally it would need to be in a way that they would shower her desk, floor etc.

  4. In the name of fun some of the worst decisions are made with some of the best intentions. Hapless, indeed.

  5. Oh forgive me, this just makes me chuckle. But I'd definitely follow Grannymar's suggestion ... payback can be oh so rich!

  6. The price you pay for the price you charge WWW!

  7. Ah, she was just trying to make your day! Too bad she didn't think to shower you with money, instead.

  8. Ach, lassie, now you shouldn't be calling your clients "what kind of eejit". Becuz the answer is the kind of eejit who has you for an accountant. Bada boom bada bing.


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