Saturday, September 24, 2005

Misplaced:Reward offered:My sense of Humour

I have to stop reading all my news fixes. I really do. I am getting skewed into something grim and pugnacious, wearing an intensity about life that is moulding my jaw into a forbidding clench. Making my conversations sprinkle and spit with rage against the cretinous spawn, DUI, operating the U.S. government.

I am nervous, like the hoary old analogy of the elephant and the mouse in bed together. The elephant rolls over and the mouse gets crushed. That's us poor Canadians, complete schizophrenics, on one hand loving when we get noticed (hey, the RCMP from Vancouver were first into New Orleans!)and grateful when we're not (hey, they never mentioned all the help we gave them after 9/11, who needs the idiots anyway, we like our low profile!) Reminds me of the relationship Ireland had with England when I was growing up. Always feeling less than, who needs them noticing us, oh cripes, they noticed us, watch out for a repeat of history!

Our water here is on the line as are our rich Alberta oil sands and our lumber. We monitor the elephant carefully. Is it moving over in the bed? Is the trumpeting getting louder?

Can one imagine a New Orleans happening in Canada, say even in our most disadvantaged black closest-to-a-ghetto area, the Jane Finch corridor here in Toronto? Informal poll, taken by me. A heartfelt "Never" from all, a few tears from some. "Never". "Oh thank God, never."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A post-carbon long emergency?

The penny isn't dropping yet with many, many media types. So many pennies. The true cost of Katrina, the coming impact of Ophelia, the billions still being awarded to highway contracts (Do we have to scream RAIL, you idiots, RAIL, or would that alarm the motor-making corporations too much?)the millions of homeless, the AIDS crisis in Africa, I could go on and on and on. But I'll stop. I can only deal with me and my stuff. First on my agenda is a wind turbine on my hill in Newfoundland. Getting off the grid. I cannot install this fast enough. And meanwhile, we all go on, waiting for Black Tuesday, the coming apocalypse on the US Stock Market. Heating Oil and Natural Gas prices for the coming winter season? Will people die as a result of the frigid winter with no heat?
Perhaps this needs to become a blog of what I am doing in preparation for the coming Unrapture.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Equalization for all?

Post From Toronto On September 9th, 2005
I was reduced to tears by a picture of a putrid corpse floating publicly in fetid water in what used to be New Orleans. Such disregard for the dignity of a human being. So redolant of the current dictatorship and its policies. Utter and complete disdain for the suffering of Louisana and Iraq. BUT the upside may be around the corner, at the enormous cost of so many senselessly lost lives. I have a dim, but slowly brightening, hope that perhaps this will be the end of global terrorization by the current regime in the USA.

A Katrina march and occupation of a DC mall is planned for 9/11, Cindy continues to do her accountability tour. Gas prices are through the roof. And if one believes in Gaia as I do, that the earth is a self-healing entity unto itself, our global warming caused mainly in part by carbon emissions, will start to regress.

Yes, these are the end of the old days of endless shopping for one side of the world and hard-scrabble digging for food and water for the other, I firmly believe. But this is a good thing. We can no longer sustain our way of life on this poor over-heated, over-populated, mostly impoverished planet of ours.

The one percent who live in such obscene luxury and distance from reality are now made accountable for the death and destruction and torture suffered by so,so many. Back to the early days of small sustainable communities where we will all have our appointed tasks to contribute to the well being of the whole and material wealth is considered an abberration.

I must remember to keep hope as a small flickering light within even when all about me seems to have none. Gaia. Yes.