Saturday, January 20, 2007

Clueless in Canada

I wish I knew how to link other bloggers that I admire to this site.
I wish I knew how to update my own website.
I wish I knew how to create another website.
I wish I could get my blog to look like the swishy other blogs out there.
I search and research.
I feel like a two year old.
I feel I should hire someone to sit with me and coach me seriously in these matters and not roll on the floor and laugh at me.
I do so many things and very well too.
I really know my way around knitting.
And tax returns.
And accounting.
And financial advice.
And business consulting.
And writing.
And piano playing.
And walking.
And art galleries.
And opera.
And movies.
And fighting for a better planet.
And the environment.
I guess I need some fine tuning on this aspect of the 'internets'.
And some patient saint to teach me.
I retain well.
I retain well stuff I'm interested in.
I retain well stuff I'm interested in and can utilize.