Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Year of the Dog, Element: Fire. Positive

Well good to the above. Other blogs that I read on a regular basis aren't quite so jolly as what the upcoming Chinese year portends for us all. James Howard Kuntsler as of today predicts further depletion of just about everything and speaking of China, it will be rattling its sabres at us due to the factory closeouts caused by the slower sales of Walmart, Costco, caused by the failure of the housing boom and energy prices soaring. I admit to it getting to me, all the doom and gloom.
I sit here in my last week in the lala land of Newfoundland where the world is always so distant and reflect on the real world, aka Toronto, to which I will be returning in a week.
I boiled my water and cooked my pasta and sauce on top of the wood stove tonight. Brings out my pioneer spirit. I can live on so little out here and not be so tempted by the bright lights. I walked the dog along the shore tonight, the tide was out, it makes it more navigable and the dog was in ecstasy, rolling on the rocks a few times, clambering over a frozen pool. How do dogs know things we don't? She knew it was frozen before she threw herself on it. It reminds me of the stories of the animals at the time of Tsunami 2004. How not one animal died and elephants were seen carrying children out of danger. Dogs were swimming with babies in their mouths.
And then we get to the most viewed news story of 2005: it was the one of the man who died having had sex with a horse and his colon ruptured.
We all need diversions, I suppose and I must confess on clicking on the most sordid of stories first and not the more edifying.
Will they impeach the Bushling? He has horseshoes up his a**, or enough backing and twisting of reality from the powers that be behind him.
Taylor Caldwell had it right years and years ago in her books, always writing of the real powers in the world, the moneyed ones behind the political icons. The kingmakers.
What will be positive about this Brave New World?
A return to basics, to community, to the lack of desire for stuff and stuff and stuff.
A kinder world, unless, of course, we are all blown to bits by Iran who are rattling their sabres. And Russia, lurking quietly, sitting on tons of desired energy and enough nuclear arms to blow the world to bits ten times over.
Are we on the verge of WW3?
Is this the fire element? Reduced to rubble to start afresh. Has this been the cycle for eons?
Will we ever get it right?