Tuesday, April 25, 2023


A long time blog mate has gone to the stars. I believe the day I started blogging, which feels like centuries ago now, I found Ramana.

This is his blog.

And his beloved son kindly let us know of the progress of his deterioration since November and his final passing today.

We shared many emails over the years and thoughts on every topic, addiction, existentialism, food, family, careers. He would regularly send me links to articles I would enjoy. 

Now and again we would have a bit of a tussle on items that amused him but appalled me but we surmounted our little conflicts.

I learned a lot about the different cuisines of India (and recipes too!) from him and his lifestyle there which circled around his books and crosswords and the family dogs and evening strolls in the local park.

He's a loss to the blog world. I'll miss his enthusiasm and his insights and his spirituality. And his sense of humour.

It always leaves an enormous hole when a blog mate dies. And there are far too many now.

For whom the bell tolls indeed.

Soar with the stars my friend.