Sunday, April 30, 2006

World of the Large and World of the Small


Maybe I've found the perfect balance here - to write of both.
Caught Stephen Colbert's devastating satire in front of Bushbaby and the Stepford Wife. Did Bushbaby get it? He got it enough to freeze Colbert out as he left. Can't find the link, maybe it was shot out :>(
Read the latest speech on From the Wilderness
Really telling us the state of Peak Oil and whose exactly fighting in the trenches and prepping themselves for a constant state of war (most of the world). Worth reading right to the end. Dropped a comment to Richard & "This Old Brit" on the state of the honours in England


Visited a friend in a home for Alzheimer's patients yesterday. Played some Irish music for him, notice how music changes him, how he relaxes. He has very little to say apart from gentle "OKs" and blessed in the unflagging devotion of his wife, 54 years married. He is 14 years in the disease, took some experimental drugs and stayed home till she couldn't manage him anymore. In this warehouse of our most demented elderly there are no books or magazines, conversation is restricted to instructions from the overworked nursing staff and the mumbled and sometimes terrified bleatings of the inhabitants. Physical impairment strides beside mental and emotional disability. A veritable corpse in a bed beside my friend's gets no visitors and no cards adorn his surroundings. 60 lbs at best, he is on some form of liquid diet and one can see every vein and artery in his skull. He has been dying for months. As I leave I can only ask myself, as I always do "Why? Oh Why?" It is the living who force this form of "life" on them, to assuage whatever ethics and morals and laws demand it. Left to their own devices, they would be dead. And I for one, for me, would prefer it. Rather than this horrendous 1 percenter of existence. Eat, poop, sleep, eat, poop, sleep.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Living life to the fullest" sez Bush
April 22, 2006, 4:07PM
Bush Takes Muddy Bike Ride on Earth Day

By SCOTT LINDLAW Associated Press Writer
© 2006 The Associated Press

LAS POSADAS STATE FOREST, Calif. — President Bush marked Earth Day with a lung-busting mountain bike ride high above Napa County wine country, dodging ruts that sent several of his riding partners crashing into the mud.

The president spent Saturday morning with a small pack of riders in a foggy redwood forest about 90 minutes north of San Francisco. He relished the swampy conditions on parts of the trail in this remote state-owned tract, leading his partners repeatedly through huge puddles and streams running high after weeks of heavy rain.

"I still ride the mountain bike primarily to help settle the soul and to burn off the excess energy one gets when you're living life to its fullest," Bush told an Associated Press reporter who accompanied him on the ride.
And does he cast a thought towards those who are now unable to do the same thing, thanks to him?
The thousands of Iraqi children napalmed, orphaned and bombed. The inoocent civilians collateral damaged and friendly fired, the young soldiers - luckily dead or unluckily alive and missing hands, legs and their minds. Excess energy, indeed. Could it be leftover from all he fried in the jails in Texas and fuelled by his hundreds of thousands of newer corpses?
Tell us more about how your soul settles little Georgie.....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shrinking my world perspective

I think I need to do this, I really do. The big picture is making me sicker and more stressed. I think even Richard at This Old Brit is feeling it too, it's making him tired, this whole concern with Dubya and world domination and no oil and poverty and diminishing rights of the masses. I need to make my perspective more manageable and how do I do this? Concentrate more on the articles I write which are of the world of the small not the large. Volunteer more to causes which are dear to me (the homeless, the aged, the blind, disadvantaged young girls) and stop this OBSESSION on things I can do very little about apart from my marches on the US Embassy with placards calling him a murderer and killer and evil incarnate. What good does that do? I am deluding myself. Make my world smaller, take care of my own backyard, I don't expect this to be an overnight thing, I will have the odd global explosion but for now, for now, I will do one small thing to contain myself into a smaller space.