Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shrinking my world perspective

I think I need to do this, I really do. The big picture is making me sicker and more stressed. I think even Richard at This Old Brit is feeling it too, it's making him tired, this whole concern with Dubya and world domination and no oil and poverty and diminishing rights of the masses. I need to make my perspective more manageable and how do I do this? Concentrate more on the articles I write which are of the world of the small not the large. Volunteer more to causes which are dear to me (the homeless, the aged, the blind, disadvantaged young girls) and stop this OBSESSION on things I can do very little about apart from my marches on the US Embassy with placards calling him a murderer and killer and evil incarnate. What good does that do? I am deluding myself. Make my world smaller, take care of my own backyard, I don't expect this to be an overnight thing, I will have the odd global explosion but for now, for now, I will do one small thing to contain myself into a smaller space.


  1. Hi, I just saw you at This Old Brit, and came to check out your blog. :-)

    Sometimes it also helps, if the weight of the globe can be spread over more shoulders. I'm in Toronto too (formerly from Calgary, 6 years ago).

    Send an email if you start gritting your teeth too much over things. :-)

  2. Hello from me, too.

    I came to thank you for calling and contributing at what we'd love to believe is our own wise-web-space.

    And what do I find! You are worrying about ME. What greater compliment could anyone pay me, than to consider me worth worrying about? I'll tell you. NONE.

    Thanks so much - it is so appreciated. But don't overdo it - heh - I've learned to take a rest when I need one, without feeling guilty any more.

    I can see by this blog that you're a kindred spirit and share similar feeling, thoughts, worries, whatever. And I believe that whatever a person like yourself decides to do [or not do] will be the right thing: the best thing.

    All power to your elbow - in any and all your endeavours. And thanks, again.


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