Saturday, August 13, 2005

You go Cindy....

And go.....BUT.... Soemthing puzzles me. You are an extremely bright and articulate woman. If you do get a response from the petulant little cretin who is running your country what do you expect it to be? He has proven over and over that he cannot speak without coaching and hidden prompters in his underwear, he is incapable of compassion or even downright decency - calling you "mother" when he is older than you by a decade? Not even knowing your son's name when you met him? You expect reasons from this moron? All the reasons he ever needs are given by the corporations who are feeding off the dead bodies in Iraq, both the Americans, including your son, and the Iraqi mothers and children and other bystanding innocents. These people in your "elected" government are without conscience, Cindy, you will never pry the truth from their lips, they don't even know what the truth is. All they care about is the almighty dollar. Why is there not an impeachment? Why have all the media outlets been bought by the large corporations? News of you is not getting into the mainstream press. There are so few honest journalists, they all have their agendas now - whores of the interests of the few.
The world slides irretrievably into its morass of sludge, all of it toxic. Did you catch the news about Lake Ontario today? Our water will be undrinkable. Hong Kong is pulling all its money out of US and throwing it into Canada - the next oil reserve?
Is the world worth saving Cindy? This hopeless little place with so many starving and others, like your son, dying for greed.
I weep for all the US soldiers, I weep for the countless Iraqis who have died and the ones who suffer under the iron fist of the White House Cretin and his minions or should it be the other way round.
But my heart is with you, I applaud you, I praise your name.
You go Cindy.

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