Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gaia is shrugging off the war zones

I feel it, I can't describe it.
There is a resolution to the current mess.
Although I'm not pleased about the Canadian election.
I feel we're doin' quite fine here with our surplus and mini-scandals.
We're not torturing people so we can't be really bad.
But it feels like Iraq is going to be set free.
I know, it's hard to sort it all out because the lies are so brazen, the lies are so big that they almost sound believable. WE DON'T TORTURE!!!
It's a larf, it's all a larf.
But not for the recently bombed baby-corpses and their relatives.
Take care of your own messes, little George, there is so much kaka in your own bathroom, stop trying to clean up others. Out, out, brown spot!!
Writing writing writing.
Which means I'm back on the rock.
Back where my heart is, my hope is, my soul lives here permanently now. The body has to leave it now and again and earn some mini-dollars in Toronto.
Weather magnificent, 11 plus most days. Walks by the shore, looking at the bald eagles and of all things snow-lynxes.

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