Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To be continued

In response to an article on the crises in the Middle East and commentators still behaving as if there is a free electoral system in the states, I write:
You're all behaving as if a free electoral system still exists...
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And it doesn't. Not with the evidence of Florida in 2000 and the Diebold Debacle of 2004 in Ohio and of course the millions of blacks who could change the outcome all in prison for minor offences and with no audit trails on any of the supposedly "free" elections, they were/are and will be stolen. The only way out, in my humble opinion is a revolution and civil disobedience. Democracy has fallen and it can't get up. This is frightening beyond measure. I, for one, am terror-stricken that the world has come to this.
>>end of snip.

I'm SO frightened for the world of my granddaughter and her generation.

and I walk 5 kilmetres by the shore and listen to the waves lap and the sunset so brilliant and am reminded of the old Simon & Garfunkle song:
"The Sun is Burning in the Sky" about a wonderful sunset such as I was seeing, with dragon-flies swooping among the trees and crows cawking as they come to rest and the gulls and cormorants fighting over a scallop shell and the sandpiper teasing my dog as she does every night and I think, this could all leave in a flash. And there is no other "Rapture", THIS is the rapture.
So I stay in the moment and celebrate the now and leave the mulling to others, just for now.

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