Monday, December 10, 2007

Bali and the Forty Thieves

I've missed posting and reading posts. Briefly, power outage, telephone downed lines due to storm, followed quickly by personal flu downtime. Wobbly but vertical today. Catching some news.

Bali is a small beacon in the wilderness but it is shadowed by much evil:

This environmental criminal activity absolutely enraged me and causes me shame as a Canadian. We are tinkering dangerously to begin with on the Kyoto Protocol, Harper being the new Bush poodle.

BP is the usual corporate sleazebag, bleating green whilst destroying vast swathes of pristine forest and diverting more and more water in a world running out of it.

On the upside I was heartened to read of the fresh new Blairless England of Brown
and this wonderful news

And the strong commitment to the Kyoto of the new Rudd government in Australia is also cheering.

I'd better start printing some new placards and marching again on Ottawa.


  1. Sorry to hear of your tribulations. Glad you're up and running again (well, up anyway). Gordon is fast losing his sparkle here as he shows himself to be very much a Blair clone but the massive wind power initiative is brilliant. Mind you, he was probably pushed into it by the Tories announcing an identical policy a few days previously. Haven't really assessed the Bali measures yet but I gather the Kyoto agreement was always pretty feeble in the first place. What's more interesting is that China's getting much more helpful about anti-global warming initiatives.

  2. Hello Nick,
    thanks for the good wishes.
    The downside of all of it of course is the fact that any suggestions/improvements/sanctions have to be adhered to by Big Oil and of course, as evidenced by the oil sands in Alberta, that ain't happening.
    As to China, we'll see, my inner cynic wonders what the hidden agenda is.

  3. So glad to hear you're on the mend. Take it easy - along with the occasional hot toddy, purely for medicinal purposes. I fear you may find me pessimistic about Bali. I agree about the Alberta oil extractions. Greed carried to its ultimate limits. The news from Britain would be good but for other negating factors. Read George Monbiot, a journalist par excellance, for more on that subject.

  4. RJA:
    Thanks for the link to George, his philosophy of no further extraction is so valid that of course it will never be implemented, not with Big Oil driving the agenda everywhere.

  5. No power? Oh how terrible.
    Take care of yourself and get it out of your system, WWW.

  6. thanks Medbh, I think I may have to see a doctor, this lung congestion is lasting far too long. And I'm not one for drugs. Oh well.
    At least the lights are on now and the telephone lines up and running!


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