Thursday, August 19, 2010

Generation Gap

~~~~~~~~Grandgirl and Ansa playing on the beach.~~~~~~~~

The grandgirl has landed for her two weeks with me. I cherish these times more as the years go by, for the end of her high school years is fast approaching and I think summer jobs and everything that goes with that scenario will end these annual precious days together.

But she surprises me. She always has. She asked me about summer jobs here for next year when she will be sixteen. Maybe at the local golf club. If I were younger I would turn handstands at the idea of her spending the WHOLE SUMMER here. As it is, I look at her soberly, trying to suppress my delight, and tell her, yes I'll check out the contacts I have at the golf course and see what the possibilities are between the proshop, the restaurant and the caddying.

We talk of many things. The books we both enjoy, her new interest in cooking, her recent writing stint - she has written some very interesting stories that she shares with me. And poetry.

We share fresh I-pod additions and she listens with delight to a song my mother sang as a teenager: Little Sir Echo and by the time the last verse rolls around she has it off by heart.

In turn I listen to her rap collection and the new R&B - more like hip-hop to my uneducated ears - and we plan our next day of adventure. This time to Brigus, a marvellous old village, then to a merino farm where I can buy exquisite hand wrought wool and she can play with the animals, and a drop in on Cupids and their 400 year anniversary.

And the generation 'gap' is in our heights, she has now surpassed me by a good two inches. And I was considered tall in my time.


  1. i hope my grand kids want to be around me ...enjoy your time :)

  2. Just spent a week with my littlest grandkids. It was great. Now I am getting caught up on all the posts I have been missing. Your new cabinets and your new pantry look so lovely. Too bad about the nephew. Perhaps he'll get some sense as he get older. Hope so. And how lucky you will be to have the talented granddaughter for the whole summer!

  3. I remember singing Little Sir Echo, to my sister when she was a toddler! It would be wonderful for both of you if she could spend the whole of next summer with you!

  4. Grandchildren and grandparents so often have a better relationship than parents and children.
    Enjoy what you have.

  5. Glad you enjoy each other's company so much. I hope the golf club comes to the rescue job-wise!

  6. Your grandgirl is a lucky girl to have a grandmother who will listen to her music. You two have fun and let us know how it goes.

  7. And I was considered tall in my time.

    Sorry, it is obviously still your time. listeing to new music may give you a headache, but listen anyway, and enjoy the headache.


  8. @Twain:
    I'm sure they will, Twain!
    Thanks for the kind words and your comments on my renos...
    A sweet little ditty and lyrics no strain on the brain at all!!
    Ever heard the reason that grandkids and grandparents are so close? They have a common enemy, LOL
    Me too!
    Not necessarily enjoy the music but listen yes!
    Irish expression meaning "prime".
    No, not a headache as I can regulate the volume control, LOL

  9. You are one hip grandmama! Perhaps age is not in years after all. Perhaps some people stay young forever...

    Wisdom and enthusiasm to learn and constantly evolve together. A splendid combination.

  10. PC:
    I agree, chronology has nothing to do with it, just be prepared to explore the new.

  11. How wonderful to be able to enjoy being with each other. A shared conversation with one of the grandies recently left me feeling so blessed. Unfortunately due to ill health we can't yet have them to stay individually, but hopefully that time will come.


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