Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had this box from Daughter. A big huge serious box.

Stuffed. With books. And bookmarks. Great books. And a chair cover that said "Happy Birthday" and old photos that made me smile including a gorgeous one of my dad I thought I'd lost forever, and a little owl (my totem). And a beautiful card that made me cry. And a card from Grandgirl that started me up again. And an official knitting notebook for my projects. And two huge packages of my favourite vermicelli made from sweet potatoes which I can't get here - it was a treasure trove. The thought and care that went into this harvest makes me feel so special and loved.

And in the past wee while I had the most ridiculous urge to jog again. It's like my feet have a life of their own. This was completely irresistible in the last few weeks so jog I did, I'd look ahead and mentally note a tree and jog towards it. And it feels free and easy and connected to the mantra I would recite in the old days when I jogged every morning for an hour or so. "I am a strong capable woman." So I said that a few times. And believed it.

And then I get a private message on Facebook tonight from a young woman (anyone younger than my daughters are young to me, younger than Grandgirl? - infants)in which she said: "I couldn't believe that was you I saw on the road tonight running. Running! It was only when I was passed you that I recognised you. Could I start running with you do you think? You are so inspiring!"

It's in the tiny things of how we live our lives that are the most observed and the most validating to our existence, I find.


  1. Having just read the previous story as well I foresee amazing times for you and who ever happens to be fit and 97 when it’s your turn, in the dim and distant future, of course. But what a way to go!

  2. What a wonderful birthday! Jog on!

  3. A big word, Gratitude. You are blessed!

    System of Greatness

  4. A very thoughtful gift. We are blessed to have thinking daughters!

  5. Wish I could walk long distance again but thankful for the short walks :) Proud of you
    do not stop...

  6. Aw, that's great. And a belated happy birthday to you!!!

  7. What a loving, thoughtful birthday box! Hope you had a great day.

  8. A "care package" seems like such a good idea. I think I'll start making them for my daughters.
    Lucky you can run. I am limited to walking and swimming, so I shouldn't complain, I guess.

  9. @Friko:
    I might die in the attempt. But either way I'm ready!


    big word indeed but heartfelt.

    And so very kind too.

    My dad would say: "Disease never catches up to a moving body." I've kinda taken that to heart....

    Ah thank you!

    Yes it was and now she's off to Burning Man in Nevada. My brave girl.

    I love Care packages. Every package unfolded is a treasure...
    Great idea for your daughters. And I was just unpacking/packing my swimsuit today. Dip in the Irish coming up.



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