Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Maple Leaf Christmas

Leo's easy to buy for. And I buy for him rather than make for him as his mental age is 12. He keeps my house running beautifully. The stuff I would be reluctant to learn. At my age we know our skill sets. And I have many. But the sawing of wood and the drawing of water are not amongst my talents.

He has an undying passion for the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Team. A totally losing team. And before a game starts on TV, he dons it all before he sits down to watch: the hat, the jersey, the pants. All logoed.

I've managed, over the 10 years I've employed him, to endow him with Maple Leaf gear: the watch, a bed blanket, coffee mugs, a rack, etc. I am running out of items to get him. Each gift is met with a joy beyond bounds. This year Daughter tracked down a wreath, a wreath with two Maple Leaf snowmen in the middle - see above. It came in a big box. When I gave it to him, I was reminded of my own childhood Christmases. The longed for teddy. The books. The fresh supply of building bricks. My brother's first train set. Magic.

Leo takes care of all my wood. He harvests it up on my back woodlot, he brings it down to the meadow in his ATV trailer. He chainsaws it, he makes the splits, he stacks it in the barn. He makes sure my indoor woodbox is always full. He cleans out the chimney every 3 months, top to bottom. He mows my lawn, he takes care of the sheds.

He is indispensable. And he teaches me all the time.

For instance, the other day my fire just wouldn't light. I am too rushed at times. He showed me what his father had shown him and what his father had shown get two splits. You place them in the sign of the cross over the struggling fire. And bingo! the fire starts up in a beautiful blaze.


  1. There's a man with a serious obsession. If the team ever disbanded, he'd be heart-broken!

    Very handy to have a plentiful supply of firewood and a chimney-sweep. That makes winter a lot easier to deal with!

  2. Maybe you can get Leo excited about another sport's team and start buying their paraphernalia. Or would that be too hard for him to deal with? He must feel like a real prince being able to help you out so well. He has probably found his true calling.

  3. A perfect partnership. Long may Leo live! Glad you got the stove going and learned a new trick.

  4. I smile and thankful you have Leo.
    Does he have a twin
    who lives near
    Tennessee and Kentucky.
    If he does
    I will adopt him :)
    Take care
    special online friend..

  5. You are lucky to have Leo.
    That log fire looks cosy!
    Have a very Happy Christmas.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  6. What an absolute treasure - we all need a Leo in our life for those hard-to-do jobs.

    Thanks for the grand tip about getting the fire bright again.

  7. I followed the links back and read your previous "Leo" posts. A child in my extended family struggles with multiple challenges that sometimes bring her taunts. It's hard to understand people in this world, sometimes.

  8. Happy Christmas to you WWW and to Leo too!

  9. Thank God for all the Leos of the world. I have a couple of them in my life and I would be lost without them.

  10. Thank you all for your comments!




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