Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hit and Miss

English Harbour Newfoundland.

In my nearly 10 years of thought plops here I don't think I've neglected my blog for so long. My blog is hurt. One might say our relationship is rocky at best, distant at worse. And in the course of this flagrant disregard I'm neglecting its buddies too.

I hasten to make some amends. I miss all the readings, the debates, the differences of opinion my blogiverse offers.

Busy is a word I dropped from my lexicon. Extremely negative connotations. Not to mention how I overused it in the many years behind me.

It's meaningless and helpless and well, irritating. And I only became aware of it when others, who take on far too much, overuse it. Like I did. As if it were an answer. Well no, it isn't.

OK. My plate hath runneth over with much. Much to celebrate, and much to grieve too.

I was at a wonderful gala with Daughter and a dear friend to celebrate a wee publication. Now that was fun.

And the following day I attended a wonderful convention/retreat where my door ticket won what I thought was a basket full of all those delicious smellies we never buy for ourselves. But no it wasn't that. It was the entire enormous table load covered in goodies like movie passes and books and movies and crystal bowls and homemade scarves and socks and wooden carved treasures. I will photograph it when I lay it all out on my own large dining room table. Solstice arrived in two enormous bags. And I made a new friend. You know how that is when one is young but I am old and I made a new friend. She is nearly old too and rides a Harley and carves wooden treasures and writes. I am talking chronological age not spirit age but you know that.

I was off up north giving workshops and planning more - we are having glorious weather here on the island. Sweater weather. Hiking weather. Clean out the lungs weather. Breathe in and out weather. Gratitude weather I call it. See picture above.

And yes, working away on the writing. And the old muse, my Scriobhnarin comes and goes. But never, ever on my time table. She's aloof that way.

And my wee village is having its first town hall gathering today. I am looking forward to this open forum for presentation of ideas and connection with other residents.

And some dear friends struggle on with their health challenges. All enormous challenges. All of their precious spirits dear to my heart. And I am mindful of them everywhere I go.

I am out and about for four rather than for just me.

I love you all so very much.

Helen, Irene and Dianne.


  1. I don't know your friends
    But im sending good karma to them too!

  2. I'm just glad to know you're o.k. and am happy to read your stuff whenever you're able to post.

    Hugs to you

  3. nice post! so many bloggers have given up it seems but I enjoy the ones I hope will keep posting like you.

  4. You won the entire table load of goodies? Good grief! I think if it were me I would have said, No no I can't possibly have all that, it must be shared out....

  5. That basket of goodies sure sounds swell!Gee I thought that you was deep into writing or maybe directing a play or sunk in snow up to your ttttttwo eye balls.

  6. Goodness folk, with all that treasure trove, we will not hear from our dear friend for a month of Sundays!

    Enjoy the booty!

  7. Wow. You are lucky! Lovely weather where you are, too. Wonderful photo with the cairn. How I would enjoy going on a hike with you through that landscape!

  8. Good weather, good friends, good writing - it all sounds like good busy-ness. I use pure laziness as an excuse for my poor blogging habits.

  9. Very good to have you back. xx

  10. You do what you are comfortable doing. Just as all the rest of us are doing!


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