Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Words for Wednesday

Words for Wednesday are a weekly feature, this week hosted by: Drifting Through Life.

This week's words are:

1. noose*
2. moose*
3. soon*
4. omen*
5. shoe*
6. onion*


1. hourglass*
2. fireplace*
3. fragment*
4. paradise*
5. discussing*
6. wondering*

The moose grew and grew. He outgrew the leash so she had to fashion a type of noose for his daily walks. She kept her hourglass figure in shape that way. She enjoyed discussing the care and feeding of her moose with random strangers in the park who must have been wondering as they fled away. Onions, she shouted after them, and good leather shoes for his hooves!

There was paradise ahead. For soon he would be carved into scrumptious fragments and roasted on her fireplace spit just in time for the holidays.


  1. That final paragraph was unexpected. And of course onions - to add more flavour to his flesh.

  2. OK, I was excited that it was Wed. words on Wed from www. I read the word lists and thought Hmmm what will she do with this and the noose and moose rhyming? Boy was I shocked by the 2nd paragraph!! Did NOT see that coming. lol

    1. Moose is a big dinner item out here in Newfoundland Candace. About 50,000 licences granted each year, all in hot demand.


  3. If the moose knew what his future had in store for him, he wouldn't have thought it paradise! He would have willingly passed up the onions and leather shoes and high-tailed it for the hills! :)

  4. I was wondering why someone would be raising a moose like it was a family pet, then the twist at the end had my mouth drop open. LOVE it :)

  5. Creative as ever, WWW! And to use up anyleftovers? Moose Mousse?

  6. Replies
    1. Poor Moosey. But out here I see them being hunted as they pose a huge danger on the highways. Many deaths and crippling of citizens each year. They are not native to the island so the original 2 in 1902 are now 100,000.

      But yes, of course, humans are to blame for this.


  7. Replies
    1. I knew you would enjoy it Ramana even though you're a vegetarian :)


  8. You are a whiz bang coming up with intriguing stories using these words.


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