Saturday, June 16, 2007


Brain riff on the topic of keys today.

A funny line I read once was that if you see someone with a huge bunch of keys you can be sure they don't open anything (s)he actually owns.

I was brought up short by my key ring today.

Two keys.

One to my car.

One to my house.

I've never had only two keys in my life. I always had a heavy key ring. Garage, house, back door, front door, apartment in house, office at back of house, keys to my daughter's house, my friend's house, client offices.

I was important obviously.

Slight identity crisis took place.

Who am I now?

Almost keyless.

I'm not important.

I should be tasting a new freedom. But I'm not. My reaction was fearful.

No one has given a safekeeping key to me.

I can't go anywhere else but here without permission.

I am really, really alone.


  1. But you go places that need no keys.

    Right now you are in my world and welcome.

  2. but does that not feel freeing, at the same time?

  3. Slightly puzzled here - why no keys to daughter's house, friend's house, client offices? Anyway, you're not alone just because you only have two keys. You still have plenty of connections to the rest of the world. Tell yourself keys are just jangly things in your handbag that twiddle locks.

  4. GM:
    How true, it was just the jolt of the new reality...:>)
    L: Absolutely.
    N:I left them all behind, 3000KM away, not much point in ferrying them all the way here, as I'm really uncertain as to where I'm going. More on that later.


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