Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another day, another genocide

So depleted uranium is now being used on the civilians of Gaza. DEPLETED. URANIUM. This can cause cancers and birth defects for generations to come.

Of course this was a learned atrocity. The effects of depleted uranium are still being manifested in Iraq after the 1991 Gulf Invasion. No, I will not call it a war. These are all illegal invasions of sovereign countries with horrific weapons of mass destruction. The same kind of WMDs that Bush The Dim Decider lied about the terrorists having and thus forcing an illegal invasion of his own into beleagured Iraq. So this invasion of Gaza is very small potatoes indeed when compared to the uncountable victims (some estimate over a million) of the Bush slaughters.

And then we have the attacks on the UN schools in Gaza, children shredded in front of their parents, seven children in one family blown apart. The children were sent to the school for safety but were located by GPS systems used by the Israelis. The UN stands by helplessly. The US silent. Outrage is too tame a word for these horrific events.

And next up to the plate is U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates bleating for more dollars for more WMDs (let's call it like it is, people) for even more genocides in Afghanistan and Iraq. To the tune of a total of 140 billion dollars for 2009. US$140,000,000,000. How much does that work out per dead body?

All this in an imploding US economy where the populace at the end of 2009 will all be rattling their tin cups under bridges.

Here in Toronto, we did have a mass protest against the Israeli invasion this past Saturday, and another in Montreal - two of the few in North America and the biggest.

But really, who cares about such protests? There could be a million of us marching up to the Israeli embassies all over the world, it would not stop the needless death of a single innocent child.

We will only wake up when such horror happens on our own shores.


  1. The carnage in Gaza is unspeakable. Ditto the use of depleted uranium (yet again). I shudder to think how many people will be dead and seriously injured before the two sides come to their senses.

  2. I can read your despair in the last two paragraphs...'Who cares?' .. I have to believe many care... Perhaps marching gives those who do a sense of solidarity in numbers, a feeling of empowerment in one of the most disempowering situations i have witnessed...a sense of religious tolerance when Muslims march with Christians, atheists... It shows we are beyond religion, that this is a human masacre....

    Will it save a child... we will never know....

    I cant agree with the last sentence though...'we will only wake up when such horror happens on our own shores.'

    It did happen on American shores... and in their desire for revenge they slaughtered innocents and created more terrorists and anti American feeling than the world has ever we dont seem to learn what happens when you take hope from a people, oppress them and dehumanise them....

    My heart is broken & I have few words for how disempowered I currently feel myself...

  3. The US isn't silent though is it - it's got a very loud anti-hamas policy and that's all they seem to care about it. Incredibly frustrating!

  4. Nick:
    I don't think there is a 'sense' to come to in their cases. I feel so utterly hopeless at the moment.

  5. A'Jay:
    It was late at night when I wrote this post and my meaning on the last paragraph was distorted - it should have read
    "But really, who cares about such protests?"
    We all care enough to protest, but are we voices in the wilderness?
    And horror on our own shores, while I was appalled at 9/11, as the world was, innocent children were not targeted so brutally as in Gaza.
    If so-called 'safe' schools in North America were bombed to bits along with the children within them, would we then be brought to our senses?
    We share our broken hearts.

  6. Conor:
    Apparently this onslaught was planned for at least the last 6 months, with the complicit agreement of the ruling thugs of the USA as they kick the remnants of any decency and truth to the curb on their way out.
    I am so ashamed. For all of us.


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