Thursday, September 24, 2009

Any Guesses as to What This Is?

The above photo was taken on Bell Island, Newfoundland, recently. There is something alien and surreal about it, isn't there?

I'm thinking that Grannymar won't have any trouble identifying it.

What about the rest of you out there?


  1. grave stones made from parking metres?

  2. Parking meters was my immediate thought as well. Shows how car-fixated we all are. Or maybe they're speak-your-weight machines. Or vending machines for holy relics.

  3. is this the stations of the cross, really close together?

  4. though i like conor's suggestion...

  5. Hmmmm. It's religious in nature, unless the statue is conducting an orchestra.

    Is it Jesus Christ with smaller representations (or relics) of his apostles in those funny shaped thingies, plus two other followers?
    they wouldn't leave relics so exposed though.

    Best guess: used for something Roman Catholic and ritualistic ?

  6. Well, the statue looks like Jesus. Are those things on the parking meter like posts perhaps prayers?

  7. Well, now, if it were in America I'd suggest they were plastic repositories for the ashes of loved ones, with a taped message from the departed played through a loudspeaker on insertion of a quarter-dollar.

    But, surely Newfoundlanders are not given to such tawdriness?

  8. Looks like church grounds,so maybe stations of cross or some other religious rite depicting history of the larger statue.

  9. A taped message from the departed - I love it!

  10. Stations of the Cross!

    Now I am going back to see what everyone else suggests.

  11. I knew you'd nail it right away, GM.
    But I love the other suggestions that had me LOLLing like a maniac.
    After several WTFs??? as we drove by it, we had to pull over.
    The *plastic* depictions which are also encased in plastic themselves are placed on the site of an old church, long since dismantled.
    I can't imagine anyone being even remotely inspired by such tawdry symbolism, particularly with the spectacular ocean in front.
    I'm sure the Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper must howl at such pathetically cheap affronts.
    I must get cracking on patenting RJA's suggestion, though, why not make a bit of extra cash? After all, Lourdes did.
    Thank you all for making me laugh so hard...


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