Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hope - Canadian Style

Twenty four Haitian orphans have landed in Canada on their way to their new families, mainly in Quebec, Haiti being French speaking.

Sixty more are to follow shortly.

I weep for their pain and weep again for their hope in a new life.


  1. one person, one child, at a time.

  2. Whilst I applaud the hope that these children have, I do also hope that the adoptive parents will have access to all of the professionals that they will need to help these children through the immense trauma of the last few weeks.

    I know that they have nothing, and I am certainly not denying the fact that they are likely to have a much better chance of continued survival in Canada (purely on the basis that an orphan is more likely to end up at the back of the queue for food and water than a child who has parents that can fight for it as well), but they will need so much assistance to get them over not only the pain of the earthquake, losing their families and everything they know, but also being uprooted and sent to another country.

    My heart goes out to them.

  3. Good to know they've got new families to go to.

    The big task now in Haiti is to rebuild all those thousands of shoddy homes that collapsed instantly during the earthquake. But will they be rebuilt to proper standards, and will they be built on firmer ground?

  4. There'll be years of adjustment ahead, but many arms and hearts to assist. The trauma of adjustment to new conditions will be as nought to the fear and pain they've suffered and left behind. It's good to see signs of hope - at last.

  5. Sad that it is such a pitiful few that achieve the hope of a new family and a new life.

  6. It is a beginning, a ray of hope! May time heal their wounds once surrounded by love and security.


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