Friday, April 16, 2010

A Couple of Oopses

Oops - apologies to all re my hotmail account being hacked and everyone on my hotmail addie book offered some crap, supposedly from me. As it is a brand new laptop and I do have firewalls and anti-spam, etc, I wonder how this was accomplished and I have reported it. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

And another oops, the last post omitted some significant data on the 'sexy men'.
I should make clear I do NOT like misogynistic cavemen. Never have. So-called 'rednecks' and "cruising for a bruising" types also seriously chap my hide.

The 'sexy men' of my post are completely rounded. Along with being outdoorsy and sometime shed-inhabitors, they also cook, clean and are totally comfortable with women. Among the many I know, there is only one who continually degrades his wife verbally. The others, single or partnered, are as at home with holding babies as they are with making jam. A couple continually provide me with their homemade bread and homemade soup. None of them drink to excess. One is gay.

The sexy part to me is the fact that they are so completely diversified. Equally at home with woodsy hunting or stormy sea-fishing or boiling up a Jiggs dinner for family and friends or discussing politics or books.

And in all the time I have spent with these Newfoundland men, I have found my opinion as equally respected as that of their male friends. And if they are married, they speak of their wives as equal partners. Always.

Maybe I'm in a particularly wonderful part of Newfoundland, or maybe they had exceptional mothers, or maybe, just maybe it's the water around these parts, but hell, 99% of these guys are dudely wonders of the world!


  1. There seems to be a spate of hotmail hacking at the moment. You are about the third person in the past two days that I know of. The language was not you so I figured the best way was to leave that comment. A reply would only go back to the hacker.

  2. most Newfoundlanders I met where/are great people. Down to earth ,funny just descent nice people :)

  3. Thanks for the explanation of the odd message!

    Gee, your island sounds kinda nice...

  4. I'm glad you explained Newfoundland men further. This gives me a much better picture of them and they turn out to be much more likable.

  5. Hotmail accounts seem to have been hacked a lot recently - it is worth making sure that your password is changed regularly and has lots of fun things in it (basically making it look like a swear-word in a newspaper cartoon...!)

  6. Or, quite possibly, you attract good people of a variety of sexes.

  7. Ah, that gives me a very different picture! Most impressive. I only wish I could say the same about the all-roundness of NI blokes.

  8. Hmmm - you do a good job of selling the male species as found in Newfoundland, WWW - but still not for me. Hunting is out, full stop. Fishing not a good recommendation either. ;-) I stand by my former verdict. ;-)


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