Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day Canada May 9th, 2010


For all of us who cry alone
And blunder on, so brave.
Her voice a merest whisper
Echoing from the grave.

We wonder how we tough it out
Without her shining face
Many are times both glad and sad
She leaves an empty space.

We hear her voice at moments
From deep within, a laugh
We catch her carefree open smile
In a yellowed photograph.

Time doesn't have the answer
To this puzzling mystery
Though we are old and tired and worn
Still Motherless Children are we.

I wrote the above for those of us who don't have mothers to celebrate with on this special day and wish we did.


  1. Happy Mothers day dear friend.... I hope your wishes will come true on this day.... :)

  2. Lovely, WWW. Thank you!
    My Mum and I had our disagreements (often), sometimes outright fights!
    But she loved mereferm and I her. I often wish she (and my Dad) could know what has befallen me since their departure, and where I've ended up. I think they'd be surprised but delighted.

  3. Hmm the catchpa thing got mixed up with my comment there.

    "She loved me" it should say.

  4. Thank you, WWW. I hope yours is a very special Mother's Day. xo

  5. Interesting how certain things strike a chord in us. My mother has been dead for more than 30 years, but as I read your piece I couldn’t help but think of all the children in Africa whose mothers have been killed by AIDS and who will never know “mother”, never be able to think in the terms you so beautifully describe “We hear her voice at moments”. How incredibly sad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in such a wonderful way.

  6. I doubt if I will read anything better today. Thanks for posting.


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