Saturday, November 06, 2010

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

I got the hair 'done' yesterday. I don't know what happened. You know when something starts up outside of your control and like a runaway train you can't jump off, it is all going too fast?

That was me yesterday with a stylist I've used once before with pleasing results. This time it was different.

First it was the colour of the glop she foisted on my head and then it was all this hair cascading onto the floor. Masses of it. And then it was me with a black head and hair far too short in the back and a kind of curtain on each side of my ears.

I did express displeasure and was not assured with the words:

"Sure it'll all grow out and the black will fade to a really nice shade each time you wash it!".

Not yer standard reaction from a stylist surely? (Translated: This atrocious mess will fix itself when your hair decides to grow out but wash it a lot to overthrow this appalling colour that doesn't suit you one bit.)

I've never had black hair. It takes some getting used to.

Meantime every time I pass a mirror I jump. WTF? I say, Nasty little 'do on you!

I took it out today for an airing. I also packed my knitting to take my mind off it and distract others from focussing on my pale, pale face beneath my black, black hair.

Everyone was kind enough to just look at the knitting.


  1. Oh, dear! Maybe some nice hairbands, hats or other distractions may help...

    I had a similar experience when I tried to see if blondes really do have more fun...

  2. is it cold enough for hats yet ?
    I feel for you :(

  3. Sometimes I'm glad I'm a bloke and only need a quick snip around the edges. Not much chance of a maverick stylist who fancies a little experiment. I hope it doesn't take too long to get your hair back to normal....

  4. In Georgia, we call going to the stylist "getting your do done did." Isn't a had hair job just the worst thing in the world? It doesn't matter that it will grow and fade. It ruins your life for at least a few weeks. The good thing is that, at our age, no one is looking at us anyway.

  5. Maybe it'll grow on you. And if it doesn't, sure, it'll grow out of you soon enough. And you'll know not to go with that stylist again!

  6. Oh dear WWW! A nice slouchy big brimmed felt job might help....and look good too.

  7. I never had the courage to change the colour of my hair, partly because it was auburn to begin with, and anyone I knew with even a hint of red, ended up looking like an orange!

    I hate having to change stylists. I have the same guy cutting my hair for the past twenty years. Fortunately I have a good shaped head and a cut wash and blow dry once every six weeks is all I need, the rest I do myself.

  8. Oh dear. Been there, done that ... I thought I might get a nice little wave in my normally straight hair, and ended up with big hair a la Dolly Parton. Vowed I'd never mess with nature again, and have managed to stick with it.

    What I really don't understand is how normally assertive types like you and me can't stand up to a stylist before he or she makes a total mess of our hair. In my case, I sat there like a bump on a log, knowing full well that it was going to be a disaster, and never opened my gob. Maybe we're afraid of them because they're armed and dangerous?

  9. PC:
    I'm with the hairbands today as I had to air this stranger again, pulled back from my face I can live with it. I'm def not a hat woman, hair and head too big.
    No it is gorgeous here, more like summer.
    tho a lot of blokes are having streaks now, even the aggressively "manly" types. Sorry now known as highlights....:D
    the end of my day was visiting a senior's home and I caught the eyes of some of the old geezers who insisted on singing to me and then going off and getting their musical instruments to serenade me yet again.
    I recommend it for any woman feeling like she's just wallpaper.
    Small village syndrome, it might be dangerous to terminate her services....
    Not me, I'm afraid, I think I'll resort to OCD shampooing...
    You're probably one of these delicately put together women with a 'fine' head that can carry that off. I'm more the galumphing tall types who should settle really for her nice natural colour now streaked with grey (but not attractively, the 'galumph' factor again). My last colouring was lovely, that soft browny-gold but not brassy. More like my normal hair....ah well....
    I am terrified of stylists, like they are the witches of Macbeth and know they would sooner poison my head if I as much as question their potions and globbies and heartbreaking scissors.....I knew it was a disaster as soon as she touched my head...

  10. Don't you hate when that happens? Thanks goodness hair grows, but still!

    I once went to a new hairdresser. Her wild attire and nose ring should have been a red flag but I was only asking for her to "shape" the cut I already had. I should have said trim. She heard "shave" and before I could protest, she'd shaved straight up the back of my head with a razor. It was months before I felt comfortable going out of the house!

  11. My mother went to beauty school when I was a little girl. OMG some of the perms & cuts she gave me. Now when I go to the stylist I take a picture of my hair as I like it best.
    I got it cut today, and was hit on by an ol drunk guy at the deli, so either I'm looking better or he was way wasted....

  12. oh Pauline:
    How absolutely awful for you! SHAVE!!!
    I would have wept. The worst for me was a perm (me - enough hair for 3 heads already!) and it was way beyond afro, people would point and laugh at my head as I walked down the street. It was a whole month before I had an inch of hair so it could be chopped off.
    There should be a book!!
    Brilliant idea to take a photo of pleasing hairdos. Oh I bet you looked fab!
    but if you need a lift like I got today, head for the OA home!!

  13. Every time my Mum gets her hair done down home, the colour is something new, unexpected and wholly unwanted. Last summer it was the same colour as a pilon. This summer it was a dark, near purple colour. Mum is NOT amused. Sadly she has no knitting skills so she has to endure the stares and titters of those around her who are as surprised as she is each time she looks in a mirror. So while I can't feel your pain, my Mum undoubtedly can. I hope it does grow out and grow beautiful again soon.

  14. www - life is too much of an adventure for you sometimes! :-) Glad to hear you were able to connect with the old geezers at the nursing home however. It might mean yet another adventure is beginning!

  15. Have had a similar experience myself at the hairdresser, only my hair was bright pink - as I was preaching the next day ~I did an emergency telephone call and eventually the stylist toned it down a bit. I've kind of learn my lesson now and only go for highlights/foils - as near to my natural grey as blonde can be!


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