Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Saving the Good Stuff

It was lunchtime today and I was putting it together, I try and plan my meals a bit ahead so I don't go all slackjawed when gawping inside the fridge. A look that can be cute when you're 21 but certifiable when you're 60-mumble.

So there I am today thinking I should add some portobello mushrooms to the tomatoes and I had this thought: "No, save the mushrooms, they're gorgeous, you should share those."

Well there I go again. I live alone. Who am I sharing it with? And last week I had to throw out the leeks, I was 'saving' them too.

It's like I'm just not good enough to actually serve myself some lovely food, gourmet food.

And I thought I was all through with that kind of thinking with daily useage of the good china and glasses, etc.

This reminds me of a workshop I held on self-esteem for women and I asked everyone with lovely underwear on to put up their hands and out of 18, only 2 did. 16 were wearing decomposing underwear. A huge signal of low self-esteem. Now I've never held a workshop for men but would imagine the percentage of men with good underwear on when they don't expect to be flaunting it is a lot higher. No? Yes?

And yes my underwear has been quite lovely for the last 20 years. I actually throw out the tatty ratties or at least recycle them into rag mats. Thanks for asking.

But this food thing was an eyeopener and I wonder in what other aspects of my day-to-day living I unconsciously dishonour myself.

The portobellos were gorgeous.


  1. I just bought new underwear and I'm wearing it, but it is not as lovely as it would be if I were sharing it with someone. It's more utilitarian than that. I do dress up every day as if I were going to meet the man of my dreams, although I don't assume so, and it's not really for him that I dress up. It's for the other women too and for myself. I don't have any best china. I would eat all the best food myself. I am greedy that way. Give me a salmon steak.

  2. Happy to report, all my underwear is lovely and is regularly replaced with new, and I use my pretty dishes daily. Might as well be good to myself now. What would I be waiting for?

  3. My best underwear is not ambulance-worthy. I'm thinking about discarding the bra altogether so I have a place to keep my pencils. As to your food, make a beautiful meal for your fine self, and photograph it.

  4. not particularly interested in underwear. I just want it to be comfortable. I'm not as interested in food as I used to be but I do treat myself from time to time just by sitting by myself and looking at my beautiful world. I know this sounds sappy, but it's true.

  5. Oh, sorry to dent your theory but my underwear is far from brand-new. Not quite held together with safety pins but going that way. The skimpy lacy numbers are strictly for special occasions.

    Excellent suggestion from Murr, make yourself a feast and photograph it.

  6. I see a bit of shopping in my future.

  7. The answer to your question about men's underwear is an undoubted - NO! We use them to polish the car, for Gawd's sake!

  8. I need to treat myself the way I'd have liked a man to treat me in my youth. But I'm not sure I want to show anyone my underwear ever again. (Even if it's beautiful.) Thoughtful post. Thanks.

  9. I love the feel of good underwear and regularly update it. The only down side of hip surgery for me was that I had to purchase panties three sizes larger than usual for the recovery and early weeks. I bought the cheap and cheerful variety. I was like a child in toy-land when the day arrived to wear my usual variety again.

  10. My undies have to be comfortable, Sensitive skin and limited budget = plain. Any sexiness I can muster has to come from elsewhere (all in the mind). ;-)

    As for Himself - doesn't use 'em.
    Commando that he is! :-D

    Mmmmm - portobello mushies - love them !

  11. I think you have asked the wrong question, though your point is true... Women are interested in underwear, and men aren't. But I don't think for a moment that they deny themselves whatever they fancy, at least in the sense you are talking about. They are always worth the mushrooms.

  12. The next time it becomes a toss up whether to buy groceries or lovely undergarments I will opt for the latter and with less of the former, will get the bonus of a slimmer figure :)

  13. Undies, schmundies! I had a friend who lived in absolute squalor between her men friends, on the basis of why bother cleaning up when there isn't a man around. It used to drive me bats; she got quite upset with me when I told her her apartment looked like a jumble sale, and she should have more pride in herself.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the mushrooms.

  14. On the food front, I'm far too nice to myself and can't abide eating cheap rubbish.

    On the undies front I have a couple of really nice sets of underwear for 'special occasions', purely because it's too flippin' extortionately expensive to buy enough of it for everyday wear and I have other calls on my finances, not because I don't think I'm good enough.

    But nothing in a state of decomposition I can assure you. Anything that's gone beyond the palest grey gets binned.

    Interesting about the food. Too right that you should eat those mushrooms!

  15. Your underwear is ONLY 20 years old? You spendtrift you! >grin<


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