Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's That Golden Ball in the Sky?

Have I talked about the weather here this summer? No? Well joke is it is the mildest winter we've had in years.

We are now celebrating our second day of sunshine in 7 weeks. A dicey thing this day of sunshine as it changes its mind now and again and shyly ducks behind something that is nearby and handy. A bit of fog, a sudden low flying cloud, the trees. As if it isn't used to any kind of attention. Which it isn't. We'd forgotten about it.

So here it is, back, the brazen thing. I check out the forecast for the week - see above. The Grandgirl is coming tomorrow for a whole two weeks. Two weeks!!! And it would be nice to show her another colour besides grey. And cold. And endless RFD*.

What should I pack? she emails me. Grandmothers are supposed to be wise and all-knowing, right? A mix of stuff, I respond, covering all grandma bases, I've now probably jinxed everything and it will be a 2 week scorcher.



  1. A 2-week scorcher sounds fine to me!

  2. I think we got 5 sunny days here in NB ;), enjoy your visit

  3. It sounds like your weather is doing much the same as ours. It doesn't seem to realize that it's August and that it's summer.

  4. We had two months of summer this year...... In March and April. Today I went out with my winter gloves on!

  5. There's only one thing you can say about the weather. Always expect the unexpected.

  6. Sun - don't talk to me about sun...

    Shouldn't grumble, we've had two days with only 97/98 highs instead of 111/112.

  7. We came back to Hawaii a while ago from a holiday in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm finally starting to thaw out.

  8. Well we've had slightly better weather than you here in NS, but still rain and cloud dominate the forecast.

    What's worse is you can't count on the forecast here, it changes by the hour. They tell you tomorrow will be sunny then they take it back and say, No, the day after tomorrow is what We Meant. And of course the day after They say, No, tomorrow, We Absolutely Promise it will be sunny Tomorrow. Hah.

    Double Hah hah.

    I scramble to get my laundry out on the line when the rain pauses, and I wish I'd been forethinking enough to get me to a beach when the sun actually appears.

    Yeah, tell the Grandgirl a mix of everything, and hope to hell she doesn't need the galoshes and parka.


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