Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Concessions - Part One

Concessions to ageing that is. They slither in unannounced. Subtle changes, small accommodations. I resent some of them. I hate slowing down. But I find I have to. I've always walked fast, showered quickly, tossed the wet hair into a wash and wear shape and proceeded with my day.

I am more careful now. Ever since falling out of the tub and cracking my head off the sink I learn to be cautious. To hold on to something. To think about where my feet are going. It adds a couple of minutes right there. I eat breakfast. I had to train myself to do that as I never used to. I find I function much better with porridge or oatbran inside me. And I read the paper. Including the obits. Over the breakfast. And I meditate. And sometimes I will journal. And there's another couple of hours gone right there.

I find I get lost in my thoughts sometimes. Another concession. For I lose the odd word here and there and have to mentally flip through the internal file labels and extract the word. Sometimes it lurks hidden, misfiled. But it emerges later when I don't expect it. And I love getting lost in my thoughts.

What are you thinking about ?

Hawthorn and primroses and bluebells. In spring in Ireland. Was there ever such a scent in a boreen?

Innocuous thoughts as you can see. But lovely.

I never had the time to do that.

And then I plan lunch and dinner if I'm not going out. And there's always the phone. And this blog. And answering emails and often a bit of snail mail which I love (notice the increase in snail mail lately?) And a walk on the shore with Ansa. And some writing and some reading. And by the time I get really rolling into the day it is nearly over.

And I think, what did I do today? as I pick up my book or my knitting. And I look back and wonder how I ever managed with a full time high pressure job and the kids and the house and the animals.

And I ask myself what was that all about and why was it all so complicated and important?

And how easy it is today as some concessions are truly wonderful.


  1. .... and soon we will have walks in the woods with an undergrowth layer of wild garlic!

  2. I hear you. I miss the days when I could get away with just a cup of coffee at breakfast. My stomach can't handle it now. And, like you, I've had to slow down and be more mindful of where I'm walking and what I'm doing so as to avoid hurting myself. Like someone once said, "This getting old ain't for sissies"

  3. We are truly privileged to be in reasonable command of physical and mental capacities as we wander towards the, not so far, horizon.

  4. I'm not aware of making any concessions to age just yet, though I'm sure they'll come eventually. If I'm slowing down, it's only because I don't see the point of hurtling around like a lunatic. Life needs to be slowly savoured, not got through as fast as possible.

  5. I've had similar experiences: I used to walk fast and hike in the mountains; I used to bicycle 30 miles; I used to sail; I used to travel widely; I used to stay up all night. Now I have good memories.

  6. This is a lovely post. We get carried away by the momentum of our thoughts, and the quality of our thoughts constitutes the quality of our days. I'd sooner the memories of an Irish boreen than the worries that do no good to anyone.

  7. I'm not making many concessions yet, but I suppose my time will come. I won't mind slowing down and savoring life. I already go at a slow enough pace. Hopefully I'll stop and smell the roses often and be very appreciative. I do look forward to that.

  8. I've always had to be careful, because I am a total klutz. And I was more thoughtful when young than I am now.

  9. All those concessions come to the fore when chasing after my one-year-old granddaughter. To think I used to be that quick and agile! I used to get lost in the woods, now I get lost in my thoughts of those days I got lost in the woods. Time is speeding up, I'm slowing down. It's good to find companions such as you along the path to aging...

  10. I can relate to a lot of what you said about slowing down. I move very slowly in the morning, have to have breakfast, read the paper and visit my favorites on the internet.

    And then the phone rings - it's 11:00am and the morning is just about gone!

    I get out about 1:30 for whatever and usually I'm back home by 4:00. Maybe rest up, go out to dinner or stay home and relax.

    The older I get, the slower I get but I'm still moving. ;-)

  11. this is such a lovely way of looking at it. i find that i spend more time on maintenance (more careful flossing, more stretching in the morning) and already, at 55, my balance isn't what it used to be. but with a full-time job there is no real time to meditate yet. or if there is, i just haven't yet found it.

  12. As a concession to aging and the need to care for another aging person, I have stopped giving concessions to other matters. Does that make sense?

  13. This is a lovely post! I hope that I'm as accepting about slowing down - I learnt the hard way this year that even going up another decade means that I can't do as much as I did a year or so ago and I'm not impressed that my body is forcing me to choose between the different things that I love doing. I shall try to look on it more as an opportunity to savour what I can still do!

  14. GM:
    Well speak for yerself, the woods of my childhood do NOT exist in Newfoundland but other scenic vistas compensate!
    I so agree, glad I'm not a sissie!
    Amen, sistah!
    I am going to adopt your philosphy right this minute!
    I used to marathon and sail across treacherous waters single-handedly and play tennis for 3 hours straight....nice to lie back and think about those days :)
    Thank you. I so agree.
    Ah sure you're still in kindergarten compared to me!
    You must be making up for lost time then?
    Nothing like an active toddler to make us feel our ages!
    And I hope you're enjoying the new savouring like I am?
    You're still a bright young thang, I'll let you catch up with me and we'll talk!
    Cherish the moments and you are still incredibly active (hockey, orchestra). You remind me of me, back in the.....


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