Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Heirloom

With some families it's wedding dresses.

With others it's some lovely old china. Or silver teapots. Or oil paintings.

With us?

I'll give you the story.

Yorkville. 1970 or thereabouts. Before it went all trendy and millionaire-rowish on us.

I have a brand new pair of hipster white jeans and need to find the perfect accessory.

And in those days in Yorkville amongst the headshops and coffee shops and bars were little leather shops which sold jesus-sandals and weedbags and other handmade bits and bobs.

And there I found it. Not realizing that I was buying a legacy that would be passed down for centuries.

My white jeans and subsequent blue jeans wore out but the accessory lived on. I passed it on to my husband, who wore it for years. In turn, he passed it to our daughters and ditto. It makes the ever-ready battery look lifeless.

And Grandgirl is here for a month. And guess what she's wearing?

This precious heirloom. Looking as fresh and as new as ever.

And here it is:

The Family Belt.

It should be good for another six generations.



  1. Oh how I miss wearing it.

    It's a damn fine belt.

    I like what my shoe repair man told me about the leather on my birkenstocks when I dropped them off for an overhaul: The leather will last centuries. I suspect the same is true for The Family Belt.

    Exceedingly good taste you have lol

  2. I remember being over at the Ferryland archaeological site and seeing leather shoes from 400 years ago, perfectly preserved.

    I miss it too (and feeling comfy in hipster white jeans!)


  3. That's pretty good going. My belts seldom last longer than a couple of years with all the wear and tear. I don't even have any heirlooms, though Jenny has some old family paintings and crockery.

  4. Priceless indeed! None of my belts will ever fit sans alteration to any of my grand nephews/nieces! They will all be too long!


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