Friday, July 27, 2012

Sucker Punched

The man so far away.
Safely Ontario-ed.
Odd thought
Thrown his way.
Full recovery
From broken heart.
And then. And then.
The grand announcement.
He and new wife
Moving to Newfoundland.
Door bangs open.
Disbelief enters.
Many, many WTFs.

Newfoundland is small.
Too small.
To contain us both.


  1. Shit. Really. But you'll find a way to accomodate this in your life, I am sure.

  2. You will find a way to cope with this. Just keep the head and heart up.

  3. Make sure you stay Wise - don't let them run you out. I hope they will at least go to the other end of The Rock. Does he know you are there - could you plead or threaten? I hope he is a closed chapter. Your next play? View it as a play? Life's a bitch isn't it?

  4. It might not happen, WWW - "many a slip 'twixt cup and lip". Keep thinking, concentrating on thoughts such as that, pushing him away from you, mentally, and perhaps the physical will somehow respond.

  5. Newfoundland is really quite a big place. I hope you can keep clear. At least you got a good poem from this, and as Betty says, perhaps a play too?

  6. I don't really know you, but I think if it still rankles it's not over. What a hard thing!

  7. Ooh, that could be very awkward. I hope you can work out some effective strategy for dealing with it.

  8. This I know something about but luckily at present this person is in another city never to be seen. Will he be in same town as you? Hopefully not. You, as the wise woman you are, will be just fine. It may be a challenge and require some growth, but it will be okay. Go with that. I do love the photo :))

  9. oh man. that truly sucks. i agree with the other comments here---you'll be fine. but it truly sucks.

  10. Do not be intimidated. You are a wise and strong woman and you will find a way to deal with this and make it work. I have complete faith in you. xox

  11. Happened to me, too. I hid out for awhile and built a new life that had nothing to do with him. Eventually I learned that the blame for a broken heart could be partially laid at his door but a broken life would be my own doing. I chose to keep my life whole. So can you...


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