Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Would Say

Some would say
We're compatible,
Fun and dance
Well together.

Some would say
We like each other,
And I've always

A talky man.
I'm quite done
With strong
And silent

In this lifetime.

Some would say
He's kind
And honest
And bonus

Very tall.
And yet
Some secret

Is buried
Under that wide brow
Those kind eyes.
I feel it.

Why is he
Not telling me?
Meanwhile we
Talk on.

It's cheap,
Some would say.


  1. Sniff, sniff....Do I smell romance??

  2. Sometimes people have to keep secrets for their own good. It may be the way they bear to live with them.

  3. Oh, I like that you have a man in your life!

  4. Keep talking, it shows you are alive! ;)

  5. "Why is he not telling me?"
    Because of the kind eyes, best advice - do not ask! But keep dancing! ;-)

  6. If he told you everything would you still be as keen?

    Talk is not cheap, talk is companionship. Gabble is cheap.

    I caught up again. Tried to click on Missing Daughter and got the current post.

  7. I guess some people just find it easier to keep awkward or painful secrets to themselves. But maybe increasing trust in you will lead to a sudden unburdening.

  8. Who's to say its a sinister secret or one which should affect things between you in the slightest? Enjoy it for what it is I say!


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