Monday, November 04, 2013

Bon Mots Bons

There isn't bad weather, only wrong clothes.

...................Billy Connolly

(Hands up who's seen the movie, snapshot above, and can identify the star?)

Correct answers will be thrown into a hat and the winner will receive in the mail a selection of my beautiful Newfoundland cards, individually cellophane sealed with envelopes.


  1. Now that would be Gene Kelly singing, dancing down the street, sloshing in the water and gnerally having good fun in the film/movie Singing in the Rain. Fabulous film also starred Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds.
    Only a little thing when Mum took me to see it but an all time favourite for ever more.
    Take care

  2. Oh and your gift would be a pleasant reminder of our trip to Newfoundland and Labrador this past September. Loved it!!

  3. Hi WWW,
    I think the film is Singing in the rain with Gene Kelly, but not being a big film watcher I could well be wrong! But I must say when I do watch a film it's usually an old B&W one, they had so much more soul back then.
    Best wishes, Trudi

  4. I too would say the movie is Singin' in the Rain, and the pole dancer is Gene Kelly himself. Loved these musicals as a kid, kept expecting the people around me to burst into song, dance a few steps. They never did, but wouldn't that have been grand!

  5. Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. He was one of my favorite actors/dancers, maybe because my name is Gene too. I am female but that's the way I was named, Gene. Always loved to dance as a little girl and wished I could do as well as he did.


  6. Just singing in the rain,
    singing in the rain,
    What a glorious feeling,
    I'm hap hap happy again...

    Gene Kelly, dear thing. Who made dancing look so easy, with that easy side glide and the tappy little toes.
    Back when stars had "class" at least in public.

  7. My guess also is Gene Kelly. Would love to win the cards.

  8. Er, Gene Kelly?

    Seriously WWW I'd love one of your cards and will gladly send you one of my hand-made atrocities in return.



  9. Let me throw a spanner in the works as it were. Raj Kapoor in Barast.

  10. I'm guessing Singing in the Rain.

    Or as it's known at home: Come in here out of the wet, you'll catch your death.

  11. Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly

    I'm in Cork and would LOVE some cards of Newfoundland. Can swap for some Mallow Animal Rescue blank cards if I don't win

  12. Oh yes
    I remember well
    Gene Kelly
    Singing in the rain
    And why
    do they not make musicals
    like this anymore...

  13. I am way late with this one and everyone guessed for me. It reminds me of steaming school coats at lunchtime when mammy was trying to dry them out before we ventured out in the incessant downpour to return to school for the afternoon. Is it any wonder my knees creak!

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  15. It is gene Kelly singing the Seattle national anthem.

  16. Shucks. I knew that one, but I was bad and didn't look at your blog soon enough.

  17. I know you've already moved on, but I love GEne Kelly! I love a walk in the rain, and dancing in it is even better.

  18. Please believe me without reading the comments,I did know that was Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. I liked the title song.

    Stanley Kubrick didn't per his use of it during the rape scene in Clockwork Orange.


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