Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Winner!!!

I wish I could announce the prize as $100,000 but hey, next best thing is a selection of my cards. Thanks for all your entries, some of which were directly emailed to me.

The grand prize winner is Charlie/Trudi. So Trudi - if you would be kind enough to send me your snail mail address I will pop those cards in the mail to you.

Pants: email your address and I will send you a card pronto.

Also Kat from Cork - to you as well.

Reminder: My email:

I am signing off blog writing and blog reading for about a month or so. Three plays, many workshops, three novels AND..... Seriously excited but need to unplug from all these beautiful distractions like Facebook, Lexulous and blog to get all my wee ducks in a row.

Slainte for now.

Write on!


  1. Cheers WWW

    Word verification is Chiclut - you're not writing women's fiction in a Kiwi accent are you?

    Wings to your pen.



  2. Have a happy and productive month away!

  3. You will be missed, but needs must. Enjoy the adventure!

  4. Good idea - all this technology can get in the way sometimes.

    Have a satisfying month away from it all.

  5. Well that's a good reason for a blogbatical. We'll let you off this time! Good luck with all your projects. Lxx


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