Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Check In

OK. So there's a first reader delay of this novel to the end of the month. October 31st it will be ready. Today went well. Some days haven't. Noise. Diggers to be specific. Land that has lain fallow beside my property is being clear cut and shovelled away. Huge tunnels are being burrowed all the way to China. Ready for a monster home and monster shed. I grieved the trees. Hundreds of them massacred. There's no land use legislation out here on the edge of the Atlantic. You can do what you want. Changes need to be made. Obviously. And I will make them. Or, you know, die trying.

And the noise level? My dears. Some days were worse than others up there in the Tigeen. But today, I keep focussing on today, it was a very good day. I flayed the prior challenges, got ruthless with excess, trimmed the dialogue, expanded other sections. Cried. I cry at the sad parts. Always. And croon along with Ella to the happies.

Now I'm reviewing all the notes, all the workshop scribbles, all the annotations I made on the public readings I did of the chapters. This is the dog work. And the little envelopes and index cards with quick jottings made on planes and trains and boats and in cafes? Use. Discard. It is chaotic, this final stage.

And I do hope the noise will abate next door. It is not conducive to scholarly and intense perusal. Ha!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Especially to my first readers.

I think to myself: If I didn't write I'd go mental.


My alternate universe keeps me sane.


  1. Very happy to see you're back. I was concerned. It sounds like a very full schedule but the reward will be a finished piece of work you can be very proud of.
    Ghastly news though about the monster house with its monster shed.

  2. Glad you're making progress with the novel despite all the disturbance.

    The monster home and tree-carnage sounds awful. It's crazy that there's no proper planning laws to restrain people's wild excesses.

  3. So glad you checked in...
    First, the novel is progressing
    and happy for that.
    Second,I truly understand about
    the construction going on so near to you. I could not stand it either. Like looking out and seeing nothing but nature.
    Please take care...

  4. Keep plodding, you are nearly there.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friends the trees. And yes, writing is a slog, you gotta just DO it, every day and quitchyerbellyachin'. At least that's what i tell myself!

  6. Nice to hear from you and to know of your progress. I thought of you tonight when the news mentioned the Atlantic storm that may come your way. Hope it will not be too bad. I am so sorry you are living with the loss of the trees and the building of a huge house. That is so sad to me and I mourn your loss, too. We just had a terrible case of clear cutting here that has Cape Cod mourning, too. Truly outrageous and it sparked a protest march very near my house. What's done is done but is hurts!!
    May you have continued success with your writing venture!

  7. Nice to have you back writing. Noise is the price we pay for so called progress. I rue the term now because my quiet neighbourhood has now become quite noisy due primarily to traffic. India is going nuts with vehicles.

  8. PS As an addition to my earlier post and thinking about your noise intrusion I might add that I am writing this in a remote and beautiful part of coastal East Yorkshire which would be perfect if we didn't have to listen to Typhoon jet aircraft planes breaking the sound barrier overhead as they charge round and round the sky on practice runs before heading out to wreak more havoc in the middle east.

  9. Here's wishing you great progress as you edit. I actually prefer the editing process, that winnowing away of all my excesses, to the initial writing.

  10. I'll be here, whenever you're ready. Looking foward to it.



  11. Yes. I too truly feel writing keeps me sane. Our weather has gone mad and lava is coming after a town here, but I'm all right, Jack!

  12. Too long away again, WWW. Twenty-three posts, according to my Old Reader. Still, I've now read them all. Goodness, how your life moves in a few brief months. Another book? A great one, I'm sure. The loss of friends, and not just trees, though that's surely bad enough. But, at least you have new windows, if only to view the devastation next door. I find the lack of planning controls here in the US to be obscene. Obviously, it's no different where you are.
    I won't wish you "Good luck!" with the book. You won't need it. Besides, a book is good when it comes from the good heart of the author, so the success of yours is guaranteed.

  13. I like the quote. It's good that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel - October 31 is not that far away. May the construction soon be over. One of the reasons we chose this house is because there are 70 acres of conservation property across the street, a unique opportunity to keep the masses at bay.

  14. So just as I was getting ready to comment, I glanced to the left and saw all of your books on Goodreads and couldn't stop myself from clicking over. I've read a few of what you've read; my most recent being "Wild." I thought it was a very good read, too. Others on Goodreads trashed it. Everyone's different... If I were not so hungry at the moment, I would have read more of your review, but gotta quit and to eat.
    Glad you're back... though I didn't know you were gone because I've been away, too. :)
    Sorry about the noise and especially the trees.
    I'm happy that you find such joy in writing.


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