Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thank you!

The scene on the shore opposite my house

Thank you!
For just being out there.
For all your wonderful comments.
For the support.
For the cheering squad.
For the writerly buddies I have out there in blogland.

Just thank you!

PS. They hit bogland and marsh next door when they dug and dug so they decided to drain. And drain. It involved moving tons of earth, tons of rock. Disruption, noise, earthen brown dust everywhere. And the inn on the other side of them and me on this side? Not one word of apology or "excuse us." Old merchant family, hat-tipping peasants.

Oh did I mention the noise? Dozers, trucks, scraping, pounding, lifting, moving.

It's hard to believe I came here for peace. And some days are very much worse than others with the constant banging and chugging. It reminds me a lot of when I lived next door to a railway station. But noisier. I still jump when one of the trucks bangs against the rocks as it offloads another load onto the shore.

On the good side - weather has been wonderful, Gonzolo ignored us and the book is coming together. And I have homemade pea-soup on the stove. And earbuds. And I'm booked to give a writing workshop.

And my nerves? Edgy. If I could have afforded it I would have gone away for a week or two to finish the book. Anywhere quiet and restful, like downtown Toronto.

I plan to read YOUR blogs.

Very soon.


  1. I have a vision of your lovely shore prior to its invasion.

    Continued best wishes with the book. It has a right to be your priority at this time.

  2. The news about your neighbor's construction just gets worse! It sounds like a nightmare all around, especially environmentally. I know what you mean about jumping at the sound ~ it's a natural reaction I have and as aggravating as it is I can't make it stop. We know at our center when something is just not right....

  3. Some of us don't have blogs and probably never will but we're still here for you. Well done for managing to surface and survive. x

  4. This too shall pass and you do have compensating factors to enable you to put up with the noise and disturbance.

  5. At least you have the book to distract you. Take care and may the inspiration out do the noise.

  6. Unfortunately building works are always a pain in the arse while they're ongoing - especially if they find a problem with the foundations as those builders have. As Ramana says, it will all be finished eventually and then you'll enjoy the sudden peace even more than usual.

  7. Get the big kind of ear protectors that construction workers use. The ones I have cost $30.00 and block out almost all sound. I use them a lot.

  8. It looks as if Canada has gone nuts on building. Vancouver is growing at a crazy rate. Old houses are being torn down everywhere to make way for grandiose new dwellings. Trees and wild areas within urban boundaries are disappearing fast.
    I've always thought Canadians were sitting ducks for exploiters. They don't like to be upset and want peaceful lives (Don't we all.), but they tend to look to us, their neighbors to the south and say Thank god we aren't in bad shape like them! This leads to complacency. So you've got to fight, even though you want peace. (Don't we all.)

  9. Stay strong my friend. The quill is mightier than the JCB.

    I'm here, whenever you're ready.




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