Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Raining and Pouring

It has been very mild outside but the lashings of rain are matching my mood.

I've been over-peopled in the last while and desperately needed downtime so I grabbed it today.

I wanted to do mindless for the whole day. I watched Season 2 of The Good Wife and read my latest book and pushed some tiles around virtual Lexulous while looking for sheep farmers on the peninsula as a favour for a journalist friend. I never said my life was dull, did I?Through FB I assembled a whole bunch of sheep farmers, some of whom I know face to face along with their baa-baas (sorry). It's a tough business to be in and the invasion of coyotes - I hear they hang off the ferries to get here and then hide on the trucks on board - has made survival of the lambs an iffy prospect and an enormous challenge for farmers.

Then I get one of those emails, you know the ones that make your heart stop. I hadn't returned a call (I am phone-phobic at the mo) and it turns out the friend who had called is facing a life and death surgery this week and asked another friend to let me know. *hang head*.

It's rough on her and on all out there who face such incredible odds.

And, selfishly, I don't know whether I can take any more of such bits of "news". There should be another word for it.

The penalties of aging.

And yeah, I know, Dad.

You did warn me.


  1. "The penalties of aging.

    And yeah, I know, Dad.

    You did warn me."

    You and your dad, me and mine. Same conversation!

  2. Non-farmers think sheep-farming is simple, but it has its hazards like anything else. There are spates of sheep-rustling here from time to time.

    Ageing has its penalties, but being young nowadays is not such fun either. Your friends are all alive but they're struggling to get jobs and homes. Life's tricky for all of us.

  3. 'The penalties of aging.' It can be difficult, but so many never had that chance, and for them, I live!

    I only do it one day at a time!

  4. I don't know - I feel worse for young people lately. It's a scary world to be starting a life in.

  5. Penalties of aging
    wait 10 years from now :)
    and I stay concerned over
    my young granddaughter's
    what a world we live in..


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