Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 4

Oh the misery.

Oh the hacking.

Oh the sleepless nights.

And sleep filled days.

The isolation.

The pity pot.

Grandgirl arrived to great excitement on Sunday.

She and Daughter hung out in my house until Tuesday.

She'd arrived with the remnants of some kind of bug.

Non-infectious, we believed.

Poor fools.

Mine started on Tuesday. Grew to an unmistakeable fever by Wednesday, was full-fledged by Thursday and today, Friday, has developed fresh symptoms like stomach let down.

All the bodily functions we take for granted now become questionable in execution.

I'm the type who hates being catered to even though many offers have been flung through the phone and on media.

I am completely uncivil and unfriendly and unsocial in my illness and the slightest effort thrown in these directions sends me spinning downwards.

So I Coventry myself and wander around the house quite aimlessly, unable to read or knit or concentrate on anything stimulating on Netflix.

I collapse regularly in a heap on my bed exhausted from the effort it took to get there.

So yeah. A bit of a whine.

Because I know you're all far away and can't knock on my door with a cheerful countenance and chicken soup.


  1. Bless your heart
    I really try and stay isolated
    so I do not pick up a bug.
    Take care....
    I understand.
    No bug here
    just a lot of other issues....

    1. Ah my friend I know you are challenged too and more permanently. Take care of your sweet self.

  2. I hope you'll be best soon although I'm on about day 14 now since it morphed into something else mid retch. This link helped immensely. I actually laughed. Until I choked but anyway... . Nursing sisters and their elder women patients in a BBC tv comedy. I recemmend it to everyone, even the well. Laugh out loud British comedy 26 mins.

  3. Me too! Still ailing here...Feel better soon!

    1. Ouch! Not good. I managed to watch Papa just now. Delightful as I had toured his house in Havana. I was impressed with how focussed I was! lol


    2. What is this Papa?

  4. Okay, wallow in your self-pity and lack of need for comforting -- then get over it and on with whatever you're up to. No chicken soup for you from me. How 'bout a piece of toast?

  5. Oh poor you!
    If I did live round the corner.......I come and make you toast and lashings of tea!
    Maggie x

  6. Ha, given I live 2046 miles away, I couldn't come and minister to you even if I wanted - or if you wanted. I've just got over a nasty cold myself. Hope you get better very soon.

  7. be well soon, dear ole gal. Hugs xxxx

  8. I had a miserable cold last week, too. Sucks. Get well!

  9. Get well soon and cheer your readers up as you do regularly. Best medicine.

  10. I'll just join the others and wish you to get well soon.


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