Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Fine Art of Dying

I will come back and write a followup on my post "Ruminations" shortly. And please, can we all be civil? If you knew me you'd know how tolerant and loving I am and I know that my readers are the same. I like to believe that no one is hating on anyone, particularly on the marginalized in our society of which there are far too many.

Meanwhile one of my stories is up at As Time Goes By and for those long term readers: you will recognize the protagonist from previous posts (2014). She is still beloved. And she still makes me smile when I think of her, especially when I walk by a framed needlepoint she gave me many years ago which hangs in my kitchen but it breeches my anonymity so I can't post a pic.

Those are some of my birthday flowers above. My friends and wee family are treasures. Treasures I tell ya! More on that fabulous surprise party later.


  1. Followed the link. Wonderful writing! Very touching, descriptive story of a special friendship. Many emotions triggered, that's for sure. Kim in PA

  2. Superb writing as I read your TGB story. I could sense the underlying current of needing laughter to keep from crying. Treasure your memories.

    Distressing to say the least anyone would be exposed to comments she heard. Defies everything competent health care workers should know.

  3. I missed your birthday? Belated best wishes, WWW.

    When I saw your post's title and the flowers I thought, such is my innocence, you'd ventured into flower dying for light relief. Now I am torn between feeling disappointed that this is not so, and "enjoying" your story. It [the story] sure does throw up quite a few, uncomfortable, questions with regards to orchestrate our end of life - and friendship, how to be a good friend.


  4. Yes the story was very poignant and immediate. Sad and yet courageous.

  5. I doff my topi to you WWW.

    I can't wait for the story on the bash.

  6. Ooh, that is my very favorite color of roses. Happy Birthday! Over to read the story now...

  7. Beautiful story, WWW. Thank you for allowing us to share it. :)

  8. Bitter-sweet story, laughter in the face of great sadness. My favourite kind.

    I also read your previous post. I know little about trans people and, frankly, don’t want to know all that much in spite of the sudden explosion of articles about them. I don’t know how many are genuine, I can imagine how tragic it must be to feel that you are born in the wrong body.

    I have a dislike of anyone standing screaming and brandishing their ‘otherness’, but that’s probably just because I’m old. Having said that I am accepting of most people.


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