Friday, September 21, 2018


I spotted this ship Amadea curled up to St.John's Harbour yesterday and just had to look her up.

Here she is in Wikipedia.

I wouldn't mind one of the two Royal Suites. You could have the other one.

She has a crew of nearly 300. More crew than the passengers and she cost $150,000,000 when first built.

I wouldn't mind sailing to Greenland on her. That would be my type of cruise. And I like to believe she's small enough not to do much damage to the environment.

Here's her schedule. Expensive.

From my rusty Latin, Amadea would mean love of the goddess or goddess love.

Ships and trains fascinate me. Always have. I see one like this and I want to board her and see where she takes me.

I apparently can at Harbour Symphony Time where one year the Amadea was part of the annual symphony, a meticulously planned sound event, conducted digitally and all boats in the harbour participate. Best heard from a distance. But magical nevertheless.

PS Isn't our harbour beautiful even on a mauzy day?


  1. I enjoyed the Harbour Symphony - peculiarly soothing! I can imagine how much better it will sound in real life.

    While I do admire the good looks of Amadea, WWW, I wouldn't take a trip on her if it were offered free of charge. I have a horror of "doing a cruise", feeling trapped. I'll enjoy a boat trip of an hour or two, on deck, but no more. This must be my version of claustrophobia - nautical claustrophobia. :)

  2. That looks like a sleek, beautiful ship. Unfortunately, I get sea sick so I would not sail on it.

  3. Wow! I too would like to go on a cruise on that one except that I cannot afford the cost leave alone the effort! I wanted to be a sailor, got selected till the very end at the medical when it was discovered that I was myopic! But, I did manage to go on many kinds of sea going vessels later as part of my work.

  4. I have never been drawn to the huge cruise ships. I went on a smaller ship with my mother to some islands in Greece and Turkey and it was okay. But the one I really enjoyed was a 100-passenger barefoot cruise in the West Indies. Not luxuries but absolutely blissful. I would like to do a European River cruise one day.

  5. The Harbour Symphony is rather wonderful.

    That cruise ship still looks pretty big, even though there are much bigger ones. And cruise ships use the dirtiest fuel you can get. So I would still be reluctant to try her out. I think I'll stick to planes and trains.


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