Wednesday, September 05, 2018

We Count Blessings

A dear friend has come to stay, one with her own health challenges.

We are heading off today to points northish.

A Grand Tour.

Of Trinity
Of Twillingate
Of Fogo.
Of Eastport.

Much theatre is scattered in there. And if we can manage wee hikes we will do so. Sticks and stones.

Weather is spectacular today. But we pack books to read. And an excellent coffee.

I have found her visit here so far has been about blessings, good fortune and contentment.

I will post when I return.

Write amongst each other for now.


  1. I would like to do a thing like that, tripping short distances for a bit. Have fun.

  2. Wishing you safe travels and wonderful adventures.

  3. Blessings, good fortune and contentment. That's wonderful. What else could you ask for?

  4. Coffee, good books, a great view - what more can you want?

  5. Ditto what they've all "said." Enjoy! You're very good at cherishing your time and visits. Safe travels. I hope you get to take a wee hike. Kim in PA

  6. Enjoy, enjoy! Weather sounds delightful!

  7. I would enjoy such trips. Much pleasure to you.

  8. Thank you all, it was a wonderful trip with many good memories.



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