Friday, April 17, 2020

Notes from the Year of the Plague

It truly is not a poor existence.

I get to play indoors.
I get to not have to engage with the covidiots roaming freely and laughing at the rest of us.
I realize my privilege in having groceries and medications delivered.
I get to choose who to respond to in both my messages and texts and phonecalls.
I have all the time in the world to watch a series on a streaming service.
I can read all day if I want.
I have the luxury of designing a new blanket and surveying my yarn stash for colours and quality.
I can play a playlist from start to finish. Mozart, Beethoven, The Chieftains, Enya, Peter Paul and Mary, et al, et al.
I get to watch the birds nesting and hear their calls to each other.
I get to play Lexulous with those with whom I've been playing for countless years.
I get to slow-read newspapers
I get to kick off misbehaving members from my two FB groups (I know, a bit petty there but oh so satisfying)
I get to buy an expensive necessary gift for Daughter on line for her birthday tomorrow. After researching reviews, etc. Coz I've saved money on gas and going out, etc. She will be thrilled but not saying anything about it here as she may read this blog post.
I get loads of time to respond to so many interesting requests like a youth group hooking up with SOS in any way we deem helpful once this plague is over. A couple are writing a book on non-state terrorism and asked me assist with material I have collected over the years. And on.

So some pics:

My Easter dinner was dropped off safely by Nephew. I had 4 meals out of it.

Writing away, I was struck by this, we have loads of opportunities here, right?


  1. I LOVE that last photo. I'm copying that to FB. We should all be doing some purposeful work right now. Present actions are the future stories of how we survived.

  2. Oh so well said. I am feeling the same. Don't understand people who feel bored. I do miss being out wandering my city, but would rather be safe and know that this too shall end.

    1. I always told my students, only boring people get bored. There is just way too much to do, see, be in life to ever be bored.

  3. Hooray for all these incredibly positive (and uplifting) things.
    Stay well, stay safe and please keep writing.

  4. That is a great poster to post! That's a great list. I had to look up Lexulous.

  5. I don't have any more spare time than I had before so all my hopes of binge watching movies and old TV series isn't happening. It takes me most of the day to read my favourite blogs and leave comments, then there's the doctor ordered walks of the day and then it's close enough to late afternoon that I need to start thinking about dinner and feed the cat. I somehow imagined having to stay home would magically produce extra hours.

  6. Yes, being at home needn't be boring. There are plenty of interesting things to do if you have a little imagination. I've never heard of Lexulous. It sounds like fun, I shall investigate further.

  7. I'm as busy as I want to be -- just as before. No difference, but even better since I get to work from home and that is so much more efficient.

    Thanks for the update. -Kate

  8. Love that first photo. Not so enamored with the Isaac Newton photo, only b/c it reminds me that ... I'm no Isaac Newton.

  9. That Easter meal looks good. Very nice of your nephew to deliver it to you. Blessings!

  10. There are some very bad things going on but there is always a silver lining. Another blogger spoke of the return of wildlife and environmental recovery due to the absence of masses of tourists in their area, oh how I wish that could continue after the recovery from the pandemic. I love the little Isaac Newton story! I appreciate many of the changes that you do too.

  11. Nice list of the upsides!

    I actually don't feel like we should all be using this time to excel. I feel like that is too much pressure. I really do believe its okay to turn inward if that helps you or put your energy into connecting with others. There will be time enough for intensive projects after we've survived the worst of this. We can't all be Isaac Newton.

  12. This is a positive post and I agree 100%. The best is not feeling guilty for not being productive.

  13. Our time at home is what we make of it as your words demonstrate. Recent years I’ve been home more than most of my life so hardly feel pressed by circumstances now.


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