Thursday, August 20, 2020

Changing the Headlines

I have backed away from all US news. It does my head in. Yes, even the rah-rah speeches of the gleeful Dems, the pitiful tweets (now in rage CAPS) of the so-called leader of the free world. The knowledge, deep within, that the disregard for humanity, the endless "wars", the economy based on billionaires' investments in the military industrial complex and pharmaceuticals and yes, the awful underbellies of porn, drugs and trafficking, may never go away but may have a prettier coating depending on how educated and civil the new dear leader will be. I feel terrible for my USian friends, most of whom are as clear eyed as I am and just want to change the current fascist regime for one not so blatantly and appallingly racist, misogynistic and brutal in its murderous rampage on its own citizens. So I've switched off many of the news-feeds. Tuning out the insanity if you will.

I had a kind of dread shrouding me. Couldn't verbalize it until a fellow sufferer put a long post on FB last night as he tried to rise above his own cloud of anxiety.

And I remembered a long ago conversation with a shaman of my acquaintance. Long since passed now, I would think. I was very honoured to be accepted and loved by aboriginals of my acquaintance whose depth of knowledge continues to astound me. We have so much to learn.

I was going on about something or other, as I am wont to do, and she said "Change your daily headline."
I passed this on to my friend Larry last night. And we both resolved to do that. Change the headlines. He is currently completing a cabin in the woods. So his headlines will be about his progress in that.

So mine today are:

Exquisite Quilled Card Received from New York Friend with Eternal Love Professed Within!
(PS The owl is my spirit animal).

1960 Picture of High School Choir Unearthed and Mailed by Friend of 65 years!

77 Year Old Woman still grinds her dark roast coffee beans from scratch every morning!

What would your headlines today be?


  1. "Fancy Phone Helps Saskatchewan Woman Limit Her Social Media Time to 30 Minutes a Day!" -Kate

    1. After me own heart there Kate! I'm down to 30 minutes too, mainly local stuff. And The World is on Fire would be the only headline to catch my attention :)


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  3. "Tourist sights wonderfully crowd-free and relaxed thanks to all those people staying at home"

  4. oh gosh....I don't know. I watch 10 minutes of news a night. It is all just too much. I even feel sorry for ourselves and I don't feel that way very often. On Sept9 I am going to start "boot camp" for older women...wish me luck! I guess my headline would be Get Strong(er).

  5. Chil meringues are strong, but tasty children agree.
    New chapter in fascinating book on magic almpost translated.
    Your third healdline could be mine - only the age is wrong ;)

    PS: I love that owl. Is is ... big surprise ... my animal as well.

    1. Chil should read chilli
      almpost should be almost
      healdline should of course be headline.
      I won't delete and re-post, but my, I need a proofreader.

  6. HOW I love that owl.
    My headlines: I do what I can (with the subheading that it and I are enough), and
    There is beauty everywhere if I keep my eyes, heart and mind open.
    And yes I severely limit my exposure to the news as well.

  7. I really can't imagine what it is like to live in a civilised country with such a huge uncivilised country on your border. And of course we all know plenty of very decent blog people in the US who are such sensible people and not even close to the extremes of what we see.

  8. Personal headlines are about ourselves.
    Mine still must be how happy I am with the DNC.

  9. Woman gets corvid test and finds out she really is part crow!

  10. I've made news time my dishwashing time, so I only half pay attention to what I'm hearing and I'm a lot happier, so I sleep better.

  11. Headline: why have I still not started reading today when it’s already afternoon?

    News are dire, both here in the UK and in the US and not much better in the rest of the world. Oh dear, why can’t I be UK PM or US Pres?

  12. I do watch a lot of news and am involved in local politics trying to get rid of our (R)congressman(I really have little hope but will support anyone who runs against him) I am true blue all the way. But my headline this morning is ....78 yr old off to play a round of golf - social distancing at it's best!

  13. My headline would read "70-year-old Woman Rises at Two AM to Revise an Article, Eat Breakfast, and Listen to the Rolling Thunder that Presaged the Desperately Needed Rain." Next on the list now that daylight has arrived? It's my best antidote to anguish due to what's happening, doing something positive: "Writing out More Get Out the Vote Postcards."

  14. Sine metu.

    I must remember this, when I get bogged down in worry that it almost paralyzes me. My dad's "headline" was Later Is Now. I try also to remember that, so I don't fret and worry my life away while doing nothing else.

    And--I believe--sine metu is the Jameson company's motto, so how can I go wrong?

  15. It does YOUR head in? Try living here. It's a fucking nightmare. And as a Democrat, I'm not seeing a lot of glee. Mostly despair over the current shitshow and abject terror that he might somehow win again.


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