Saturday, July 24, 2021

Battle Harbour of Labrador


Battle Harbour

An enchanted place. 

We stayed here for 3 nights. It's accessible only by a ferry of 1-1/2 hours (9 miles out) duration and there are no vehicles on the island at all. It's like going back in time two centuries ago. On route we saw whales and the crew entertained us with the incredible history of the entire area.

A welcoming fire was in the stove in our nearly 200 year old house when the four of us arrived. It was lovely that all our luggage was taken on board the boat and it awaited us when we got to our house.

An overview. (Credit Barrett Mackay.)

To be continued.


  1. It looks and sounds very beautiful. I am looking forward to more. And whales... Oooh. And ahhh.

  2. The houses look like they are built to withstand any weather attack. The water is so blue.

  3. How exciting to hear the history of the island.

  4. It looks beautiful, peaceful too with not many residents, but knowing how cold it is, it will never be on my travel list, if I even had one.

  5. Lovely! I’m curious about how this outport got its name.

  6. It's so pretty!
    I recently wondered whether it's pointless to try to maintain my 50+ year old weatherboard so I'm glad to see mine is a mere youth :)

  7. Looks like a lovely place and nice to have a fire in the fireplace when you arrive. It is all the little touches that make for a great vacation!

  8. Oh how it makes me wish I'd gotten out to stay with you at your B&B! -Kate

  9. Thank you all. Annie - I had estimated how it got its name to the derision of my family - but I was right. I said it was based on the corruption of the French word bateau (boat). And I was right. They were hoping to find a battlefield :D. They should listen to their wise old elders.



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