Monday, June 13, 2022



The hardest NOT to do is give up. I've had several years now of health challenges, one variation after another.

And seriously, who wants to listen to it.

How does one respond to "how are you feeling?" Truthfully or dishonestly. Serious question.

The brave world of "everyone has a cross to bear, so get on with it." RC liturgy says it right there in the bible. Some bible version anyway.

And of course I hesitate to write honestly. I try to "get on with it."

But old age is baffling - I basically have no role models apart from the "getting on with it" brigade.

I haven't slept in my bed for well over a week now. For the simple reason I can't lie down. So I nap in my recliner. I can't call it sleep.

Hence the title of this blog post:

  1. complaining in a petulant or whining manner.
    "she became querulous and demanding"

I may sound on the dark side of sanity at the moment. With good reason though, we can all agree.

Lack of sleep does weird things to the brain.

I've arrived at the Querulous Station.

Full steam ahead.


  1. Hi....I read an obituary the other day obviously written by the deceased in the voice of her children. In it they stated that their mother died from ODTAA...One Damn Thing After Another ! It made me laugh and I told my husband this is what I wanted in my obit and on my headstone.

  2. Yours is the reason many invest their life savings in one of those adjustable beds…..

  3. My dear friend--my chair is not comfortable, so my bed must do. In order to sleep I cast about for a nice scene on which to focus, and for the longest time it has been your clothesline to the sea photo.

  4. If you were propped up in your bed, similar to napping in your chair, would you sleep better than in your chair? I have found if I am comfortable enough to fall asleep in my chair, that short nap is as good as a sleep, just not as long. Why are you unable to lie down? I have either forgotten or didn't know.

  5. Oh yes, loss of sleep will undo you, or it does me. I hope your chair is a very comfortable one. Hopefully you can get back to sleeping in bed.

  6. My response is usually "How much time do you have to listen?" This brings humour into the situation and I can then take the conversation wherever I want.

  7. When someone asks me how I'm doing, I usually respond by saying, "I had a good writing day today" or "the sunrise was beautiful."

  8. Old age ain't for weaklings! I hope you get some quality sleep soon


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