Wednesday, June 08, 2022


I've been struggling a bit with health challenges - mainly, and sadly, much pain, some of it completely baffling me. I couldn't even lie down yesterday, I had to sleep in my recliner.

I talked to other elders today about the pain we know and the unexpected pains we get which seem unrelated to medication shifts.

The two of them produced evidence of similar episodes which vanish after a couple of days.

I've never seen it written about before. Aging body ambulation's suddenly seizing and flattening with surprising outbursts of unexpected aches and near immobility. Some so severe that walking is impossible, along with, like myself yesterday, not allowing even a lying down.

Living with the unfamiliar.

Today is better, the mysterious crippling lurch not as severe.

I am managing a pile of editing today as we have a deadline for June 30th for The Big Finito for publishing the latest anthology sometime in July. 

I am playing Bach on one of those five hours streams which fills me with gratitude. And a kind of reluctant joy.

Iceberg Season is here and here is one pic from yesterday.

And this is right by where I live, a village right in the City of St. John's by the name of Qidi Vidi - photo courtesy of Jonathan Cooper. Fog can be a glorious sight.


  1. I soooo hope that the crippling pain backs off.
    And thank you for both of those glorious photos.

  2. The photos are spectacular.
    My good thoughts are with you, Www.
    The peace of the night.

  3. I have entered your period of debilitating pain, since last December. It's older than dirt now, and I hope to find an answer.

  4. Ouch on the sudden unexplained pain. St Johns is such a pretty place to look at, but far too cold for me to even think about visiting or living there.

  5. Wow to that iceberg, and so sorry to hear of your pains. I hope you find if not a solution, than at least an explantion.

  6. Welcome to the club of Seniors with growing pains!! I can relate as I too have been blessed with spasms in the back and it is taking its time to subside.

    Lovely photographs and that iceberg is mind-boggling.

  7. I frequently sleep in my recliner. There’s no law that says we must sleep in a bed. Whatever works!! I do hope that your pain subsides soon.
    Thank goodness for Bach and Mozart. Much better than being assaulted by the news.
    What a spectacular photo.

  8. those photos are just incredible, I would just stand in awe if an iceberg passed my window ( well, i'd probably sit actually)
    I hope the pain goes away, it is capable of taking away every skerrick of enjoyment

  9. I don't remember what I said here, but it's probably in your spam folder.

  10. The sheer size of that iceberg is amazing.

    Unexpected and prolonged pain must be awful. I hope you get some relief from it.

  11. Sorry about the pain. I can definitely empathize as I have inflammation all over my body. Nice photos! Gigi Hawaii

  12. Those photos are stunning. Hoping you have some recourse for the pain.

    Have you ever read Niall Williams? I just started This Is Happiness. Like it so far; have a few others in the queue for him.


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